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Thanks to Geena I have not gotten a damn thing done in 3 days, since she oh so nonchalantly mentioned Color Infection in her Facebook status recently. Oh sure, it came with a disclaimer: an "addictive" warning label, but it wasn't in really big neon-colored blinking letters with screeching sirens and strobe lights and police tape cordoning off the bodies of those who have died of starvation and/or dehydration because they can't walk away from this damned addictive little game. Best part? When you pass all the levels, you can google "Color Infection II" and play some more! XD

I am afraid to google Color Infection III.

Logic puzzle games like this are my favorite kind of computer game. Although I can also sit for mindless hours playing Typer Shark or Spider Solitaire or Noah's Ark or those Seek-and-Find image games, too. World of Warcraft leaves me, frankly, cold. I honestly don't get the attraction, though to be fair, I haven't actually played it myself, just watched...but mostly it just seems to be endless running and running and occasionally stopping and having conversations on the level of 13 year olds. I'm not into shoot-em-up games at all, and most of the stuff the kids play seems to be either that sort of thing or world-builder stuff like Spore or Age of Mythology. I'd rather read (and do).

Martin has an excellent mind for the Color Infection games. He grasps instantly the steps needed in the most convoluted levels, whereas Karin and I both hit restart a gazillion times using the trial and error method, occasionally getting lucky. I only sometimes know what do just by looking at it, usually I have to make a few attempts before I get what the trick is.

It's the same thing with the logic problems in the crossword magazines my mom always had around the house and which I grew up on. I love them, but I can rarely figure them out without help or at least peeking at one clue. It's not that I'm not a logical person, it's just that I'm ...not...really. Well, at least I'm not when it comes to REAL logic. The kind of logic that people who are good at math are good at. *sigh*

It's both aggravating and gratifying to know that at least one of my kids inherited the math/logic gene from my husband. What's weird is that it's the artistic reading kid that is most like me in so many other ways. It's fascinating to see the traits in my children that I recognize as coming from either myself or my husband and to know that they really ARE a blend of the two of us.


While I was coming up with synonyms for "contagious" (spreading, communicable, transmittable, carrying) I had a sudden thought that the Swedish word for to infect is smitta. Which made me think of the English word smitten, which we usually use in the sense of captivated or taken with something or someone. But when I looked it up, I discovered (or rather, re-discovered) that it is, in fact, the past tense of the word SMITE. Smite, smote, smitten. It means to strike. Or to affect, deliver, attack or afflict. Rather like an illness...or an infection or contagion. Interesting. I love language!


In case you missed it, I wrote you a Valentine on Saturday :)
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Thanks so much for the etymology of smitten - I too like it when things all kind of "click" together like that.

- Heather

I too like logic and puzzle games the best, but in recent years I tend to get those uncontrollable spasms in my arms when I try to use my brain and fine motoristics at the same time. If I really concentrate on the task it helps a bit, but it is not so fun to play a puzzle game like you were a nuclear scientist in the middle of a meltdown and the world depended on you thinking real hard what to do.

(and no, I haven't seen a doctor yet as the symptoms are quite sporadic - possibly not even a MRI would show anything)

I saw our Valentine. I was pleased and stunned. So stunned, in fact, that I neglected to thank you.

Thank you!

And a happy Valentine's Day to you as well, albeit somewhat belated.

You are welcome! :D

I have no patience for computer games, logical or otherwise. Once I had a glass of wine and enjoyed blasting things, but that was just once and I was loaded (yes, on one glass) and my son was desperate for help, but we only blasted walls, I think, not people.

What you wrote today on my storm post CRACKED ME UP! (I think most took me too seriously.)

That last bit though, about smite, that's a rather handy bit of word play and logic.

It's weird, I don't have any patience for Playstation, et al., or most of the PC games my kids play, but I can really waste time with the solitaire and little puzzle games.

I love word play. I wonder if there are some really good word play-type computer games. I miss playing word games like real-life Boggle!

I like logic puzzles, too, though I haven't done any lately. I've recently gotten back into doing crosswords, so I imagine logic puzzles will be next on the agenda. There used to be a site that used Wodehouse characters and scenarios that I found fun; it's been so long since I've done one of them that I don't imagine that site exists any more. ::Sad face::

(And thanks for the Valentine - I had missed it!)

Do you know, I've never read Wodehouse? I think I ought to remedy that at some point.

I'd say you ABSOLUTELY must. I almost envy you with all that good stuff to choose from that you've never read. Almost. ;-)

On my desktop sits a internet Backgammon game I enjoy playing. You can find it and more on Look on the left to browse games and you might find some fun ones. I've only had one problem and that is people backing out mid game leaving you hanging. That can become frustrating!

why I never get sick

because I could not get past level 4!

see? life is easier as an eejit!


Re: why I never get sick

I'll send over Martin right away! :D Let's see: Me for genie-ing, Karin for backrubs, Martin for helping you through levels and Anders for everything else! :D

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