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What a perfect day this has been! Anders got home last night from Spain, ending my 3 weeks of husband-less-ness and it just got better from there:

♥ sleeping in (no better way to start off my day!)
♥ being in a really good mood
♥ sparkly sparkly snow and sunshine
♥ whizzing through 3 loads of laundry...mmmm, clean soft clothes!
♥ several really productive hours catching up on the overload at work
♥ a half-hour walk soaking up sunshine with Martin: we saw geese in a V, a horse, 2 poodles (1 big & 1 small) and a pheasant flying
♥ getting the grocery shopping done with Karin
♥ hearing that Christina had her baby!
♥ putting in my summer vacation request
♥ swans winging by overhead
Creamy Crab Nachos for dinner :) (yes, again, but Anders hadn't had them)
♥ a phone call from my brother
♥ introducing Anders to Color Infection
♥ watching Melodifestivalen and voting like maniacs for our favorite song (which went to 2nd chance. Go Rigo!)*
♥ getting work done on the AWC website which is overdue
♥ watching more snow come down like crazy again this evening
♥ posting this great video of Karin snowboarding that Anders made! Check it out!

*Did anyone else have a sudden craving for those princess cakes made with real barbie dolls during Velvet's number? HA!
mood: happy
music: The The—Perfect Day


As we noted over in Facebook, you and I had twinny good days!

I am in shock - you and I agree on our favorite songs from this deltävling! Go Rigo indeed! Björn and I both were dancing on our sofas during that nice little change from the usual schlagerschlaginess!

Ha! I know good music :) I just get attached to the cute little blondies. I actually liked Maja's song as well, but knew it didn't stand a chance. We voted for Rigo (all of us), and then Molly & EMD. And we actually threw in a couple of votes in the first round for Mikael Whatshisname :)


My favourite was Molly Sandén. She blew me away! :) She is my favourite so far in the whole contest.


I was surprised to hear she was only 16. I thought she was a bit older than that, considering everything she's done in the past few years. Her voice is really incredible!

kick-ass snowboard video!

She's a rocking rockstar, that one! :)

Wow, I've never seen snowboarding before--that looks so cool! She looks so natural!

watching Melodifestivalen??

Big black mark next to Liz's name....

Re: watching Melodifestivalen??


Re: watching Melodifestivalen??

Well Liz, you'll just have to GROW UP!

Re: watching Melodifestivalen??


Great list. Swans...
Here's to another good day!

Where's your summer vacation taking you? We too are dreaming up hot and sunny plans... It's my favorite dinnertime activity.

Well, my brother & his wife are coming up here and we're planning 2 weeks of canoeing & camping and hiking on the coast and the lakes/rivers.

Then I have a reunion planned with my junior high girlfriends in Holland the first week of July...not sure yet if it will be just me or the whole family. :)


Happy Good Weekend! (And I love The The.)


Me, too, and I've had that song in my head since I posted this! :D

That video was fabulous. Oh my god, it's gorgeous there! GORGEOUS! Trying to remember where you said they were skiing. And that song is soooo funny.

They were skiing further north (about 10 hours drive) in Sweden.

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