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What a perfect day this has been! Anders got home last night from Spain, ending my 3 weeks of husband-less-ness and it just got better from there:

♥ sleeping in (no better way to start off my day!)
♥ being in a really good mood
♥ sparkly sparkly snow and sunshine
♥ whizzing through 3 loads of laundry...mmmm, clean soft clothes!
♥ several really productive hours catching up on the overload at work
♥ a half-hour walk soaking up sunshine with Martin: we saw geese in a V, a horse, 2 poodles (1 big & 1 small) and a pheasant flying
♥ getting the grocery shopping done with Karin
♥ hearing that Christina had her baby!
♥ putting in my summer vacation request
♥ swans winging by overhead
Creamy Crab Nachos for dinner :) (yes, again, but Anders hadn't had them)
♥ a phone call from my brother
♥ introducing Anders to Color Infection
♥ watching Melodifestivalen and voting like maniacs for our favorite song (which went to 2nd chance. Go Rigo!)*
♥ getting work done on the AWC website which is overdue
♥ watching more snow come down like crazy again this evening
♥ posting this great video of Karin snowboarding that Anders made! Check it out!

*Did anyone else have a sudden craving for those princess cakes made with real barbie dolls during Velvet's number? HA!
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