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My rilly rilly good mood of 2 days ago seems to be evaporating. Fizzling out. Going slowly up in smoke.

You have been warned.
mood: okay
music: Theme from Jaws



whoosh! whoosh! That's me blowing your mood back into puffy goodness. I am infected btw, seriously infected by color! I'm lovin it! Thanks!

Someday, PMS will go away for good.
I prescribe sushi and chocolate. Not at the same time.


I spent half an hour on the phone in an endless "press 1 for blah blah blah" with Dell. It was for work. I refuse to buy from the damn company ever again because of their horrible service.

So yeah, stay out of my way too.


*pats pillow*

oh good. come sit by me as I have nothing good to say either and I'm saying it with a growl!


I'm often amazed that my mood from the morning evaporates by dinner, one way or the other. If not for my silly blog there'd be no evidence!

Be well. Eat some legs.

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