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Little stories, little loves. Little things we say and do. Small moments in the day that add up to a storied whole.

I can't think of anything to write about.

Wait, that's not really true. I CAN think of things to write about, but I don't seem to be motivated enough to do the actual writing about them. I was going to gather my thoughts and write something about the discussion our stand-in guest speaker at the AWC meeting the other night sparked after her presentation on Social Media (or How Not to Waste Your Life & Ruin Your Reputation on Facebook), which was equally fascinating and aggravating.

I find I bite my tongue a lot in certain settings and with certain subjects. Some people are so hard-line in their opinions that it seems a waste of time to bother tendering my own, plus much of the time I know what I think about these certain subjects, having come to my own conclusions after copious thought and input and even with an open mind, I'm not necessarily interested in entering into a debate.

I can think of other things to write about but they are not the sort of topics I choose to discuss in a public forum.

I could write about work, but I won't. I could write about what I think about what you or he or she said/did the other day, but I won't. I could write about all the umpteen-million things I think about writing about at some point during the day or evening or night, but don't because I have forgotten them again before I get around to it.

Did you ever have a round toit? My dad had wooden ones with the word TOIT stamped on it in big black letters when I was a kid. Imagine my eye-rolling reaction upon being handed one.

I could post pictures instead of perpetrating this excruciating inanity upon you, my poor put-upon audience, but even though I actually horked up the motivation to go take some photos of my children in various slack-jawed poses in front of the TV and the fish tank (I couldn't think of anything else), they all came out too blurry to bother with. You're welcome.

I could write something with a beginning, a middle and an end, but it certainly isn't happening now, eh? I could write a poem! Nah. I'm not in the mood. I haven't been IN THE MOOD all week. Well, actually, that's not exactly accurate, I have been in A mood, just not THE mood that I would have liked to be in. The mood I WAS in was no fun. No fun for anyone, and most un-fun for me. I will not be doing THAT again anytime soon. Anytime soon being approximately 4 weeks from now. I would much rather have continued with the mood I was in last weekend, but sadly, that mood is a thing of the past. Not so sadly, it's probably a thing of the future, too, judging by the increasingly manic tones of this post. HEE!

Why isn't manic an LJ mood choice?

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: A Thailand Alley
mood: weird


Statistically speaking, you and I have two weeks out of every four week period in which one or the other of us is likely to bite the head off of someone. That is, statistically speaking, 50 percent of the time, isn't it? Yet we have never done so and I can't imagine it ever happening.

It's nice to have friends you don't want to stick sharp things into once a month, I think.

Puss på dig.

I don't think my 2 weeks are consecutive, though. There's usually a week, and then the rest is broken up into days here and there.

It IS nice to have friends you don't want to stick sharp things into EVER. :) Like you! *smooch*

I had a round TUIT. My grandfather the salesman used to sell them as a novelty item, along with about a zillion other wacky things that almost nobody wanted in their stores. I think they were TUIT to avoid people rhyming it with "Voight" by mistake.

Also, I'm assuming you know this, but you can enter your own LJ mood choices...

I know, but I am L-A-Z-Y today. Typing another word was just WAY harder than simply picking one from a list. There are lots of moods that LJ doesn't have in their mood themes that I think they should. "Ducky", for example. "Peachy", for another.

I was thinking of clicking on your tab, blabbiterlickum to see what ELSE you have dubbed by that fascinating name. This isn't perhaps profound, but it is exactly how I have been feeling lately. So you have touched one human soul with your whatever it is kinda mood. Ha!

Ha! That's why my husband "lovingly" calls this journal :)

..but..but, now I'm really curious about what that guest speaker at the AWC meeting talked about!

Didn't you see the title of her presentaton? That's what sparked the discussion...people got really hot and bothered over Facebook and how people use it or don't use it. It was fun, but I must have rolled my eyes a lot :D

I did see it M'lady, and that's what sparkled my interest for more details. Don't mind me, I always get very tickled when people feel strongly about the internetz, it's one of the most interesting "mundane" subjects of our times.

My thoughts are still percolating...I'll probably cough something up about it soon :)

I'm hardcore relating to this entry right now.

:) No beginning, middle or end for you either?


I'd like to hear your FB thoughts too - I always wonder, when I hear rumbles such as these, if the lecturers have ever heard of filtering before.

Hope your weekend is fun, and your mood on the up and up!


Honestly, what is it about Facebook that causes people to start frothing at the mouth and start acting like born-again zealots? Get over it!

Facebook is just another internet tool for communication. I'm not so interested in the more fluffy bits of it, but I don't condemn those that use them. I just have neither the time nor the inclination for full-time fluff (you know, with Lambi around, I don't need more fluff in my life)

I think if you use Facebook sensibly, you shouldn't have a problem. That is true of everything in the internet - everyone just needs some common online sense - don't put up what you don't want to be found, place your profiles on private settings, and just say no to friend requests from strangers. Nothing to get your knickers in a knot about.

haha! that was MY stance, too. But MAN, some people certainly do froth :)

Tell me about it! I have friends who look at me like I just pooped on their coffee table when I say that I use Facebook. I especially like to wait for them to have frothed about how it's only for stupid, fatuous idiots before casually dropping my bombshell. It's a conversation stopper, I tell you :-)

Look, I know there are issues with FB - nothing is perfect. But the main problem is people, not the website. I feel that people need to take responsibility for and ownership of their problems and not just pass the blame onto something like Facebook. The same rules of common sense apply there as they do in ordinary life.

I think I should have come down so we could roll our eyes and giggle together.

I think you should come down, too. ROADTRIP!

Funny, I felt that angst last night casting about for something to write. And then I actually wrote a ryhming poem. God help me, I did. And then I balled it up and threw it in the trash. Some people might be able to pull off ryhme but I was struggling to pair up something with see, me, and be. Ugh. As a result, my womanfucious, which wasn't much better.

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