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Has anyone ever read Colette? Her work was intriguingly and lovingly described in a book I'm reading and I'm wondering if she still holds up and if anyone can give me an off-the-cuff recommendation. I'm in the middle of Frances Mayes A Year in the World which is making me want to travel and to eat, and to read. So many places to go!!

It's the weekend and I'm oh so glad. I skipped out a little early this afternoon from work, egged on by the party atmosphere of a workplace that is packing up and getting ready to move to new premises on Monday morning. It's the same building, but a new wing in a floor that was previously occupied by another company who made some very colorful albeit rather bizarre interior decoration choices: purple and blue chairs, red sofas, yellow shag carpets, black-and-white-spotted COWSKIN throw rugs. But it's clean and NEW and bigger and we're all looking forward to more space and most especially more offices for all those who have been sitting in cramped conditions in open landscaping.

It's my 5th office in 4 years, which gives you some idea of how quickly we've been expanding. When I joined the marketing department just over 4 years ago, there were 7 people in the department. Now we're 26 and still growing. A good feeling :)

We've moved all of Karin's furniture out of her room and Anders is heading to the paint store tomorrow morning for paper to cover the floor with and sandpaper to begin sanding down the wallpaper border in her room. I'm getting excited about this project and have all kinds of ideas about how to decorate. Whee!

I think I have my bounce back :)
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People are starting to be cautious but so far, so good. :) It's a really nice change from my LAST job.

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