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Today was moving day at work, so I didn't feel like I contributed very much to the bottom line today, though I did finalize 3 brochures that I was waiting for miscellaneous bits & pieces of, and slapped together a HTML invitation and proofread a convoluted translation of a case study that was originally in Korean.

There was a bit of a holiday atmosphere both on Friday and today as people packed up their stuff, so I don't think I was alone in the decreased contribution factor. :)

I had already packed up everything else in my office last week, doing a box each time I had to wait for a big file to PDF in InDesign. I ended up with 7 boxes of stuff, plus a box to put my flatscreens and computer peripherals in. We had moving guys for the heavy boxes and wheeled carts to move anything we wanted to move ourselves, since the move wast just to a new wing in the same building, so I took my computer apart myself and moved it, my bulletin board and my plants over. We weren't supposed to bring any furniture because the old stuff is beech and the new stuff is birch and NEVER the twain shall meet hath Facilities declared. Though I did see some beech hutches getting wheeled over on the sly and I might have carried over a beech desk shelf myself. I did order a new one in birch, but until it comes they'll have to pry the other one away from my cold dead fingers.

Then I put my computer TOGETHER, sitting on the floor and plugging things back in; totally guessing as to which plug went where and much to my surprise getting it all right on the first attempt. BUT then the Facilities guys came and asked me if everything was to my satisfaction and I said, "No, actually, you promised me you would flip my desk." It drives me bananas to sit with my back to the door because I get people in my office all day long and it's much simpler to look up and deal with them than to stop what I'm doing completely and turn around. I am rude and keep right on typing sometimes while people are talking. This hurries them up and makes them get to the point faster because I AM BUSY. Hee!

So, I did a little extra flirting and pleading and bribing and 3 Facilities guys made me take my computer apart AGAIN and then they LIFTED my new damned-heavy adjustable desk (I can sit! I can stand!) and TILTED it up to the ceiling and turned it around because it was too long to just turn whilst (whilst!) in its regular position. And then I put my computer back together AGAIN and got it right again except that one speaker isn't working now. Not sure if it was my plug-in assumptions or that it's an old speaker or that it might have gotten stepped on in the lifting & tilting process, but the IT guy in our department promised me new ones anyway, so all's well that ends well.

And then I unpacked EVERYTHING and put it all away and opened the window to get some fresh spring breezes which wafted in on sunlight and did a bit of work and then I went home.

The end.
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