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It's a bit late for me to actually be starting to write something here...usually I try to start writing, if I'm going to write at all, by 10:30 at at the latest. I write most of my journal posts late at night, though, because I'm a die-hard night owl. Even though I try to be better about going to bed at a decent hour, at least on weeknights, I fail frequently to actually get into bed before 11:30 and I fail nearly every night at putting my book down and turning out the light before midnight has come, peered at me, shaken its head, and gone on by.

I suppose if I could fall asleep while reading, it would help—at least I'd be asleep before 12 instead of just scrunching down into my pillow, on my stomach, opposite knee and arm raised. But reading in bed does nothing of the sort. It keeps me up, just one more page. Just until the end of the chapter. Just until I find out if the heroine ever makes a damn decision about who she's really in love with already.

Starting a post at 11 is dangerous...I might not actually finish until it's tomorrow, but at the same time it's motivation to write something TODAY. It's a deadline, albeit a silly one. It's not like I'll turn into a pumpkin if the clock strikes twelve while I'm finishing a sen
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Hey, I wanted to thank you again for the book recommendations!
While I'm supposed to be studying for an exam during this spring break, I have managed to read Used World and I've started on The End of Mr. Y. Whoop! :)

Warning.warning! My daughter just put in a request for pumpkin muffins. Just sayin.

After seeing that pic, I agree that late night posting is dangerous. You silly woman.


Cinderella! Cinderella! night and day it's Cindarella! You crack me UP!

I LOVED the image of midnight peering its head at you and going on by with shaken head. Did you turn to it and say 'goodbye!'?

How I wish I would not fall asleep while reading but if it means turning into a pumpkin. . .I dunno =)


sillybutt indeed.

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