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It's a busy but leisurely Saturday here Chez Ek. I've got a mile-long list of housecleaning chores and other things to do, but am taking my time about them and not getting all stressed out.

Yesterday, I had my salary review at work and it didn't go at all how I had hoped, especially after my disappointment last year. I DID get a raise, but it basically covered the cost-of-living increase and what it boils down to is that in Sweden, performance isn't really tied to salary. If you do a good job, you get what the unions say is a fair increase, which is across the board pretty much and the only way to get above the average is to take on different role responsibilities, or take another job within the company or get a new job externally. The amount of work that you do doesn't seem to make any difference, and that's what has me disappointed, since the amount of work I do has increased drastically in the past 2 years. Since I love what I do and know that I am really damn good at it, and since I also don't have any desire to necessarily CHANGE it for something else, I feel a bit stuck as far as the money goes. Add to that the fact that I am now in the upper age bracket for wage-earning, and the conclusion is that I've hit a ceiling that I can't move beyond short of getting a new job. Not really catch-22 but there it is.

After work I met Anders at the paint store to try and match the red of the dragon wall mural for the wall paint intended for the rest of Karin's room. That dragon: MAN, it is RED. Bright fire-engine siren-screaming red. The guy who helped us barely managed to restrain himself from telling us we were insane, and only after we let it slip that the red paint was for a 9-year-old's room, did he shake his head and say, "Well, that explains a lot." :D He showed us a darker red in the same shade that we thought would work, and we took home 6 liters of it. Anders painted the first coat this morning and MAN, it is RED. But it's not so bad, actually, and it will darken as it dries.

Karin and I went to the store to pick up the framing jobs we dropped off 2 weeks ago, and she now has a framed Star Wars movie poster and a triptych of Bluepoppy's dogs in a silver frame to add to the coolness of her room when it is finished. I also had a beautiful collage/painting piece by Christina framed finally and it's now hanging in the living room so everyone can enjoy it instead of sitting propped on my art table where only I saw it. She stunned me by sending to me a couple of years ago after I had admired it when she posted the piece on her journal.

Tonight is Earth Hour, when everyone in the world is supposed to turn their lights (and presumably various other electronic devices) off for 1 hour to show their commitment to the environment. I find this a bit bizarre, since hello, we turn off our lights and everything else for 8 hours every night, but whatever. Since it is Saturday when we would normally be watching a movie and having myskväll we've decided to play either a board game or a card game by candlelight instead. Normally I would vote for Colorado Crazy Eights but if a candle gets knocked over, which it easily could, we have a potential housefire on our hands, so we'll probably choose something more sedate like Yahtzee.

I just looked at the Earth Hour website and they're encouraging people to blog during the event or put up Twitter notifications. Personally, we'll be turning OFF our computers and TVs since if you're going to bother, why not go all the way?

To Do Lizt (hahahaa! that made me laugh)
  • Call Emily
  • Call Carol
  • E-mail Marie
  • Finish AWC site
  • Pull out book bags for media sale
  • Strip beds and make them up again
  • LAUNDRY: 5 loads 4 loads 3 loads 2 loads 1 load
  • Dust and vacuum
  • Windex glass surfaces
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Clean fish tank, change water
  • Empty garbage cans
  • Pick up framing jobs, buy canister for SodaStream machine
  • Grocery shopping
  • Walk 30 minutes
  • Pitch laundry room rug, buy replacement
  • Set up and load LCD photo frame
  • Create & send "save the date" HTML
  • Clean out outdoor flower pots, refill
  • Tamp down edging in front rock garden
  • Bag up and take in recyclables
  • Write a journal post
  • Finish book
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im curious about how that red room is going to turn out!

sorry you didn't get more money...that sucks :(

So far it's turning out really cool. I can't wait until Anders gets the dragons up on the wall.

Do you know how happy it makes me to know you have my art up on your wall somewhere? And also: you are really the coolest mom ever. I love that you let Karin be so uniquely herself--and Martin too. As a result, your kids are just the best.

And also, "upper age bracket" earning wise? Since when???

Since I hit 40 apparently.

You're talking about the fishes, right?

And--I want to see pictures of Karin's room when it's done!

Yes! The fishes. They're beautiful. :) I'll post photos soon.

The earth day thing kinda has me perplexed a little. I mean, education is always a good thing, but how bout we turn off the lights whenever we're not using them, electronic devices off, hang the laundry out when possible etc etc. The lip service and the thrill that some people are getting from this couple hours drives me bananas. Do something real folks! Stop driving that big ass gas guzzling truck! (God, I hope you don't have a truck...I'm just sayin, you know.)

No trucks here :) And I completely agree with you. But I guess it's a good way to get MORE people thinking about conservation and the environment. There are still way too many people who don't think about it at all.

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