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Slow grey headachy start to the day, but halfway through, the sun came out and my mood started improving, so much so that I feel like bouncing around and singing silly springs songs. Good thing my kids are already in bed so they can't expire of embarrassment. The other day when I came home and started making dinner, they were lying around the living room with their two favorite friends, watching The Simpson's (which...I'm of very mixed feelings about this. Not appropriate, I think. What do you think?) and while I was banging dishes about and slamming the microwave door and pulling things out of the fridge I started yodeling at the top of my lungs: the Frito Bandito song. Halfway through the first verse, I heard both kids yell "MOOOOM! Sandra and Maritza are here!"

"SO?" I yodeled back, "I AM THE FRITO BANDITO! La la la, la la la, la la la la LA! AY YI YI YI!"

Muahahaha! If there is a Most Embarrassing Mother On The Planet Award, that sucker is MINE.

Next up: Muncha Bunch!


Good For a Giggle: Cafena


The dragons are up on the Karin's wall, and they are HUGE. They cover an entire wall from floor to ceiling. Anders is done with all the renovation work of sanding, spackling, wallpapering and painting, and now we have to go get her new furniture, but I'm not sure we'll get it all done before we leave on Sunday for a week in Stockholm. We're staying at Långholmen, which is a prison in central Stockholm that was converted to a hotel after it closed in 1975. Since the kids have never been, we're going to stuff as much as possible in to our 4 days: castle, Wasa Museum, Skansen, Gröna Lund, etc. I am really hoping the weather will cooperate and that we don't have to contend with cold & snow while we're there, but April in Sweden is never a sure thing so we'll probably have to pack one of everything.

Anyway, in regards to Karin's room, part of me wants to wait with posting photos until everything is in place...but I suspect the suspense on the red / dragons is killing some of you. Evil me is in charge right now, so no photos tonight anyway. Muahahahaha!


Muncha Buncha Muncha Bunch, Buncha Belated Birthday Wishes to My Beeg Leetle Seester, Sarah!
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music: Muncha Buncha Fritos go with lunch!


Remember, it is the parent's JOB to embarrass their children.

Then my job here is DONE. Hee! >:D

Shame on you for depriving us of dragonly goodies!

They're coming, I swear!


Ooh so you guys are coming to my part of the world! This beautiful city is honoured to get such lovely visitors.

It's been lovely out today! So very very lovely. Spring... I hope it stays so you get to enjoy it too!

Today, and yesterday, are the first two real spring-like days here... and I who almost froze to death in the walk through the snowstorm on Friday...


It's gorgeous here today, and I hope it continues! Yay for spring!

Do the other kids understand English? (Or is that even relevant when it comes to singing mom = embarrassing?)

Yes, they understand quite a bit. But it's not relevant at all. Hee!

Yes, you definitely deserve the award! Good job, I applaud you! It's nice to know that someone is following in my footsteps!

Oh, and The Simpsons, nope, never liked them. Very inappropriate for kids.

I never liked them either, so I wonder if it's just my dislike coloring my attitude, but I DON'T think they're appropriate. Am taking measures.

I wanna see the dragons!!!!!

They're coming, they're coming!

The sun can be such a determiner of my mood, it isn't funny.

Oh, I can hardly believe that you are still depriving us of the dragons!

It is GORGEOUS here today! Martin and I just got back from a walk in the lovely lovely sunshine!


The sun the sun!! I keep thinking I've recovered from early spring sun deprivation and then a gray day like yesterday will hit and I'll wonder where those happy feelings disappeared to so fast. Ahh the humanity.

Pictures!! Of Stockholm and the dragons please.

Not a fan of the Simpsons until college (I say, only somewhat tongue in cheek).


Photos coming, and yes! the sun! the sun!

Check out the strip for "Zits" today. You too could end up in Wikipedia.

Where do you find the strip?

I personally go to the Houston Chronicle at, where you can build up a personal comics reading page to start the day off right.

How fun, I hope the weather cooperates for you. I know how schizo it can be.

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