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Karin's room is taking shape. We went to IKEA yesterday and bought her bed (though we forgot a piece of it that I had to go back for today), and now we just have to get her bookcase and new dresser, but those things will have to wait until after we're back. It looks really cool, I think you'll agree, even though the walls are still bare, pending furniture placement before hanging anything. You can really see how great the silver trim (Anders' idea) looks in these photos, and you can also see the difference in the red of the dragon vs the red of the walls. We toned down the walls, on the paint store guy's recommendation and I'm glad we did, otherwise the room would have been fire-engine screaming red! Karin's thrilled and that's what matters :) When we get back, we'll start on Martin's room.

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*This makes me laugh, because rum in Swedish is room.
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Wow, that's wild! Very nicely done!

That looks incredible! I think the silver trims are an especially nice touch.

As an aside, and hopefully not to be a downer, but just for your information: I studied quite a bit about color theory and the effect colors can have on people while I was in design school. Red is definitely a stimulating color which can be good, but can also be undesirable. If Karin begins to have any trouble sleeping or becomes easily aggitated in general, you may consider covering the red walls of her room in another color. Being surrounded by one color on a daily basis can have quite an effect on some people.

We know, and took that into consideration. The thing is, she's only in her room to sleep, basically, and with the blinds down at night (they're black), the red is really minimized :)

I know a lot about color theory and effect as well, (art major for 3 years) and we're prepared to repaint if it does become a problem :)

Plus once we get the rest of the furniture and the paintings hung on the walls, that will also help dilute the red effect. I'm not too worried about it, so far.

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The colors and the dragons look fantastic!

It looks fantastic.


I like it Mrs. Torrance... I like it a lot!


That is awesome! Really. I bet she's thrilled!

wow...i love it!! great job :)

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Anders is awesome! He did the complete renovation job, from sanding down the old wallpaper border to spackling, painting and wallpapering. Even mounted the new lamp and put the new bed together.

I moved furniture and helped choose colors :) And now I'm in charge of the rest of the interior decorating :)

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Two words spring to my mind: WICKED AWESOME. The silver trim gives it a real kick.

How did you tone the walls down? Different color base coat, a glaze, some other technique? I ask because We're going to paint our master bedroom orange. It's a subdued pumpkin orange, but on four walls it might still be loud. We're not going to a specialty paint store and the people at the Home Depot here aren't exactly knowledgeable.

It's the same color as the dragons, but taken down a few notches in tone (the black is increased, in other words). Anders put up a very thin wallpaper called microlite first, then did 3 coats to make sure the surface was consistent and smooth.

wow, it looks incredible! the silver trim looks great, too.


I SO want that room!

That looks fantastic! I'm a huge fan of red. Her floors are beautiful as well. That will be a nice nest for your daughter.

That is SOOO cool! Are the dragons painted or are they a decal?

They're an 8-piece wallpaper mural :)

This looks fantastic!! Love the dragon painting. I myself never would have dared choosing such a brilliant and color that is "there" but maybe I should reconsider for our next house!

Making daring color choices is a legacy from my mom. You should see her amazing house!

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