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I got the scanned school photos from my mom and sister and I'm not sure I can bear to inflict this horror on the Internet. Why did no one teach me to STEP AWAY FROM THE CURLING IRON?

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Do show!

Now you have me so curious!....those awkward school years where we are crafting ourselves for presentation. Now days leaving out the door with only a brush through my hair is good.

barky was friends with a curling iron? you've got to post evidence of that!!

There WAS no Barky until after I got pregnant!

*draws breath while dramatic music plays*


What is this for a tease?! Now you *have* to show us because this is entirely unfair.

*Chants, "Curling Iron, Curling Iron, Curling Iron!"*

You simply do not want to know of my school pictures. You.just.don't.
Where are yours?

Most of them were at my mom's. My sister was there last week, so she hunted them out, took them home and scanned them and just emailed them to me. I have one more here that I have to winkle out from its hiding place and then I will post them. Prepare to be horrified, and amused.


Well, after that you HAVE to show us!!


And, we still haven't seen any pictures...*taps foot impatiently* ;)

They're coming, I swear, but I have to hunt one down that I have here, so that I have them all. Will look for it today :)

I want to see...I want to see....

Show us, show us!

I need good laughs, remember?

Carol in Sweden

I'm going to add my voice to all those who are calling out to see the curling iron horror!

Ooh! I can't wait!

AH! Too funny.

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