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I know the picture of Melissa Then is black-and-white which wasn't the best choice for comparison, perhaps, but it was actually the best one I could find, and the one where you can really see the resemblance. She was 9 years old when she first starred in Little House on the Prairie and I was 9 years old in the picture below. She was born the same year as I was, only 3 months before me. We had the same color hair, freckles, brown eyes, and big front teeth:

Melissa Then

Lizardek Then

Melissa Now

Lizardek Now
We both apparently stay out of the sun, as we've lost the prominent freckles though they are still lurking just beneath the surface. I've never done a thing to my eyebrows or my NOSE, and you can't see in these mug shots, but we are both, um, blessed in the torso. She's only a little bit taller than me, but she IS married to Bruce Boxleitner. Though I'm married to Anders, so I WIN! :D
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you definitely WIN!

you win, both then and now!

i still see the resemblance...but she looks more fake. you win by far :)

Differences I can see right up front: you didn't cover yourself with loads of makeup, and she did cover herself with red hair dye!

Oh, she so had a nose job! I submit Exhibit A.

Edited at 2009-04-16 07:33 pm (UTC)

I actually like Melissa's appearance in general, and think she looks fairly genuine in comparison to some of her Hollywood age-twins. She just has more make up than you, because it's a glamor shot, but I've seen her with glasses, and there definitely still is a similarity!

If you lost your glasses and someone mad your eyebrows that way, I would definitely shout SISTERS! ;)

Oh I agree, I still think you look very much alike. Tart yourself up as much as she has and you'll be twins. Would love to see a pic of her with glasses.

So she married The Scarcrow, you did better.

Maybe I should have posted this one.

Um, YA!!!!

Hah, no then this one! :p

Yikes! Melissa Gilbert looks like she's had too many things done. He may not be Anders, but Bruce Boxleitner was Tron, so I will give her bonus points. ;)

I was going to end it there, but I can't! I have to say I'm disappointed that she looks so different from the tomboyish little spirit flying down that grassy hill. Not that she shouldn't look like a feminine, grown woman now, but so... fake. :[

I really do see the little girl from the praire in this photo though :)


Yeah, she does have the Little House on the Prairie look there. Notice less makeup too. She is prettier without so much makeup, imho.


You're the winner!!!

Wow, tis amazing to see you two still look quite alike in a way! You are definately the winner though!!

ps. Owh, just now see what music you were listening to while posting and it reminds me of the fact I really should try and fix my broken HD that carries all my mp3s that I collected over the past 8 years.. I wanne be able to listen to Dar Williams again as well:)

Wow! You do look alike.

I think you should go redder. What? It might be fun. Not orange though.

I do admit to having had a small Boxlieitner crush from Babylon 5.

You totally win.

And I bet she can't speak Swedish!

(She was adopted! Did you know that?)

I must have known it at one point, but had forgotten.

New career?

Wow. Maybe you could have a celebrity look-a-like career here! ;) Thanks for sharing these photos.


I am love, love, loving these posts Liz. T keeps wondering why I am giggling at my computer.

I think you still look very similar actually. And I love your smile :) You're not coming out this way this April, are you? How I will miss being able to soak you up in person!

No, sadly, no trip in April. IF I get to come, which is still a bit uncertain, though I've been asked and the boss had confirmed that the money is in the budget, it will be in September. Which means no getting to see BP since she will be deep in the throes of SAW, I'm sure :(


Ya'll look amazingly alike! I like your hair color better though, I think the darker color suits you.


And you are gorgeous. Really, I still do see the resemblance.

She has the Hollywood thingy going on while you have the genuine life thingy going on.

Gee, I wonder if I have a look a like?

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