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I know the picture of Melissa Then is black-and-white which wasn't the best choice for comparison, perhaps, but it was actually the best one I could find, and the one where you can really see the resemblance. She was 9 years old when she first starred in Little House on the Prairie and I was 9 years old in the picture below. She was born the same year as I was, only 3 months before me. We had the same color hair, freckles, brown eyes, and big front teeth:

Melissa Then

Lizardek Then

Melissa Now

Lizardek Now
We both apparently stay out of the sun, as we've lost the prominent freckles though they are still lurking just beneath the surface. I've never done a thing to my eyebrows or my NOSE, and you can't see in these mug shots, but we are both, um, blessed in the torso. She's only a little bit taller than me, but she IS married to Bruce Boxleitner. Though I'm married to Anders, so I WIN! :D
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