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One friend started chemo today. Another starts chemo on Monday. A third has been extremely ill with something the doctors haven't been able to identify and yet another has been struggling with a debilitating disease for quite some time.

I don't know how to be there for any of them. I don't feel like I AM there for any of them. None of them live particularly near to me, though 2 are within an hour's drive (1 of those is actually in a different country, however), but even so, I am feeling continually frustrated and upset with myself that I can't do anything, really, to help.


I confess to feeling guilty for sometimes wanting to enjoy the beautiful day and the gorgeous sunshine from the comfort of my bed or sofa.


More and more often I suspect I may not survive my daughter's adolescence. Or she won't.


Wishing whoever linked to this completely mindless and highly addictive game had thought twice.


My husband makes the best chicken kebabs ever. In fact, everything he makes is fantastic.


Martin has been ZOOMING through the Twilight books. He read the first one in Swedish about 2 weeks ago, and when I mentioned I had them all in English, he started over with the first one...and is now on in the middle of the 4th book 7 days later. SEVEN DAYS. The shortest of them is 500 pages. It's been all Twilight, all the time, around here; constant questions. The movie came out on DVD here in Sweden on Wednesday but due to the holiday weekend we weren't planning to go buy it until tomorrow.

One of Martin's classmates has a crush on him, though she's not said so herself. Another classmate told him. And today the one with the crush called to ask if she could come by and drop something off. Sure, said Martin. Anders and I asked what it was, but she hadn't told him. We exchanged meaningful looks. She brought him the DVD. Just because.


We watched it tonight. That's the 3rd time I've seen it, and I think it's gotten worse since I saw it in the theater: SHEESH. Or else you really, really need to see it only right after coming off the book-high.


I love 3.5-day weekends even if I have to host a baby shower during them.


The amount of long-lost friends I have found on Facebook makes me happy. Also, the fact that I can change the language settings to English (Pirate) cracks me up.


Happy May Day, everybody!
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WHY did you link to that game? WHY?!?!?!

MUAHAAAA! Sharing the pain, my friend! :D

I'm so sorry for your friends. I wonder what's going on in the world sometimes. I wish my best to them.

So good to see your boy reading so avidly. Good stuff.

He's nearly done with book 4. :)

And I agree...sometimes the amount of sorrow is nearly overwhelming. :(

Evil evil must not click link again must resist....

Come over to the dark side! :D

Now I'm hooked.
What is your record?
Mine is 19.874.

Don't care...can't stop playing regardless. :D

just the fact that you care is enough. More than enough, really. Let them know.

How is the progress on Martin's bedroom? Did I miss out?

We haven't started Martin's room yet, though we're gearing up. ;) We still have Karin's desk to buy, her curtain rod/curtains to put up and her paintings/posters to hang. But next weekend or the one after, we'll start the cleaning out process on Martin's room.

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