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Despite the ups and downs of sorrow the sun keeps on shining and I muddle along. I dragged Martin up off the sofa and made him go for a walk with me after dinner this evening. The sun was lowering, but still high in the sky; it hasn't reached its zenith yet...we're still enjoying the lengthening days.

It's cool in the evening air, there's an autumn-y nip in the spring sunlight which is rather refreshing. I much prefer a cool, sunny spring to a direct dive into humidity and heat, so no complaints here. We pulled on fleeces and started out. Martin often requests a treasure hunt list to take along but I was feeling fresh out of ideas so I told him he'd have a different kind of hunt this time: he had to make his own list...of sorts. I jotted down a quick column: "dogs, cats, frogs, birds, butterflies, bees, others" and told him this time he had to count all the ones he found.

His enthusiasm for games is infectious: we both found ourselves stepping out with zeal and a bright glint in our eyes. I think you notice so much more of your surroundings when you deliberately set yourself a task like this. I hadn't said that the animals on the list had to be real, and Martin quickly bagged 2 dog pictures on the dog-doo collection can at the head of the walking path. As we rounded the swampy spot behind the school, the air was full of tiny bits of flying fluff: dandelion wishes floating free. I made wishes on all of them: health for my suffering friends. O! The very air is full of wishes!

The pussywillows have all exploded alongside the dandelions and the path further on was lined with white fluff. Rooks and ravens marched about the meadow, heads bent to their evening meal hunt. Across the sunny pastures, a group of animals grazed: how had I forgotten to write HORSES on the list when we live in the horse capitol of Sweden?? Martin ratcheted up a full set of marks under "others"—4 horses and a cow, 3 hares frolicking in a far-off field, a polar bear design on a camper. We met walking dogs along the way, made kissy-noises at basking cats, found FIVE frog figurines in various gardens. 2 fat and furry bumblebees buzzed down low in the front yard as we headed back toward home but the only butterfly in sight was a plastic reflector on a stick in front of a neighbor's house.

Then we came into the backyard and sat on the trampoline for awhile, just my kid and me. We talked about everything and nothing and I tickled him and he zapped me with static electricity and we discussed the pros and cons of putting the pool up this year and whether anyone would notice if we stole appropriated and relocated the lilac bushes from across the ditch and whether the kohlrabi and artichokes will ever sprout and how many marks he could have made under dogs and birds and others (horses) if the lady in the farmhouse behind us hadn't recently moved away.
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Ohhhh, let me know if you find a horseshoe sometime. They have to be used and found to be lucky! :D

Do you know, I've never seen one...but we're on the village side, not the stables side of Flyinge...maybe that's why.

Our children save us. Plain as that. Family life is the direct line to enlightenment.

Our parents and our children. What would we do without them?

Smooches to you, and hugs too. I have found myself wishing I could just come visit more times than I can count lately. It would be so fun, so renewing, to soak up time with you. I am so sorry about your friend, and the general ups and downs.

I am stealing the list in your previous post for an FB note.

Steal away! I stole it from Meg :)

I think it's fun how easily you can be distracted in the game of it. Me, too, if I think of it. We're just big kids, aren't we. I'll wish on bent chips and dandelion fluff for your friends, too.

Games are awesome :) Just what we need, nearly all the time!

We had two ducks waddle across our front yard this evening. Mr. and Mrs. Mallard out for their evening constitutional.

Your walk sounds like just the ticket. Keep it up.

You know I will!

A treasured relationship you have with your children! It is heartwarming to read.

At my calligraphy workshop one of the prompts the keynote speaker gave was to 'Notice'. Notice things around you, simple things. She had us jot down what we notice on a sticky note and slap that somewhere in the building. I noticed the dandelions in the green grass and the nice lady sitting next to me noticed the same exact thing! I so admire your treasure game.

Did you see white fluffy floating? Did you see that??? That is where your heart is.

It's floating around again today! Doing it's fluffy job :)

just awesome!

From Megsie

I am so glad that you had a nice time with your son. While I was on my morning walk/run this morning, I too was "noticing." My husband taught me to slow down, and to see the in-between things that I often missed. The sun is hiding from us here today, and the wind is ever present, but still it is a wonderful spring day with the crabapple blossoms perfuming the air. My thoughts are as always with you and your friend.

There's these billboards all around Boston with a strange URL on them, so I went to the site today. It's a fundraiser for Children's Hospital in Boston, and in one of the introductory screens there's a little girl that looks so much like Karin.

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