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Martin and I were going to go for a walk after dinner, but I had to get a couple of quick things done to finish and publish this month's AWC newsletter/website and when I was done with that I had to do a quick-read through my friends list and answer emails and as I sat here the room gradually got darker and darker until I got up and turned on the light, and then did a double-take because it was only 7:30...and it's supposed to still be light out! Then thunder rumbled. bbbuuuuummmmbbbblebooooommmmm, it went.

Hmmm...I thought (with my Einstein hat on), it sounds like a storm is brewing...maybe we should wait 5 minutes (as we do, here) and see if it's going to pass over so we can go walk. And I thought, I'll just finish reading this magazine while it passes. And lo, it DID! The sun was coming out again under the passing cloud layer, and I chivvied Martin into getting ready to go out the door. But first I had to put socks on, and go to the bathroom, and he had to grab a cookie and then we got our jackets and went out...and it was raining. Big fat ploppy drops. Even though the sun! It was shining! But the horizon was looking dark again and we looked at each other and chickened out.

So I sat down and called my mom, whom I haven't talked to in awhile and we got caught up and while we were on the phone, I wandered slowly around the house, sitting on the sofa for awhile and then in the big chair, and then on the sofa in the playroom, and at that point, the rain started POUNDING down so hard and so loud that my mom could hear it in Michigan! Then it stopped, but it's still grumbling up there and I didn't go for a walk today.

The end.
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Sounds like you are having the rain&thunderstorm we had overnight!! It was quite the show; don't think I remember ever seeing lightning continiously striking through the skies for hours in a row!

We didn't get any lightning to speak of. I miss the really good bang-up storms of the Midwest!

Just joking... I would have done the same thing.

From Megsie

Rain is a great excuse... and I too love a good *safe* thunderstorm, especially at night.

"jag ska bara" is said many times daily at my work place and we always tease each other about it. :)

did you get the crazy winds last night? you could sort of hear them coming before they actually arrived and then the sky went BLACK and all the trees in the garden waved back and forth like sea grass on a reef. there were a few lightnings here and a boom or two and some heavy rain, and then it died away. i was on the phone with F in NC and she could hear my storm. but the freakiest thing is that once it died out here SHE got a storm just like it! :)

and whatever happened to that wonderful xmas present? - the TREADMILL!
No excuses - rain snow or shine....

we had a major thunderstorm here too, each of the last few days - HAIL!!! killed all the Tulips in Simones beautiful garden. Oh well. thats why she planted a gazillion other things too.

started staycation today - cant wait to visit you all

love Unkie Johnnie

I know, I know. I was going to, I swear...just had to finish a couple of things... :)


We have had awesome storms here the last couple days too!!! Bryce was caught in the neighbors yard with one. :) He waited it out inside theier house then came running home. Speaking of can't wait to see you guys...... John any news on when????


The chicken instincts won rightly so!

I know I've said it before so here I go again . . . your walks with Martin are so sweet, creating memories, and a relationship that is precious. I totally admire that.

We had a fantastic thunderstorm today too. One of my favorite things in the world is watching the rain from our balcony, even if it keeps us cooped up at home. (I love how Martin had to grab a cookie before you could leave for your walk!)

I wish we'd get some bumbleboom!
It's been like that here. It was a nice excuse today to go upstairs to write but to instead sleep.

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