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The sun is shining. The sky is a bright bright even blue. There was a rainbow-colored hot-air balloon drifting low over the trees in the backyard about half an hour ago while I was on the phone with my sister. The lilacs are nearly finished but now the poppies and irises and peonies are popping. Meadow buttercups dot the grassy sward between our neighborhood and the school, and every green slope along every road and highway is cheerfully whitened with daisy faces.

Today is our 13th wedding anniversary and Anders gave me 13 roses. It's really easy for both of us to get caught up in the daily routine of work and house and kids and forget what a miracle it was that we found each other and kept each other.

I went and got my hair done today and behind me a woman was having her nails done. She told the nail technician that she and her husband had been married for 55 years. FIFTY-FIVE years! The nail technician stopped what she was doing and asked her, "Don't you ever get tired of him?" And I didn't hear her reply because I was thinking, "Of course you do. But you keep him anyway. Because he's a keeper."

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Congratulations! You two look so sweet...and about 16!

hahaha! We were OLD! I was almost 32 and he was 34 :)

congrats, liz. 13 years is amazing :)
and i love the photo... can we see more?

If I get really motivated and scannery :)

You look so sweet and innocent there! hehe Your dress looks lovely from what I can see of it. Congratulations on 13 years! :)

It was really sparkly :) At least on top. The skirt was very plain, and I ditched the petticoats and veils and trains.

Awww! Such a sweet picture. Where did you guys get married?

In Chicago. :) The reception was in Evanston. It was SO AWESOME. I had a blast :)

Oh, those baby faces! What a nice picture!

Congratulations on 13 years!

Aww, what a lovely picture Liz. You both look so happy and you looked lovely!

We're going on 9 years this summer ... can't believe it. (Been together 17 years this fall)


17! that's awesome! :)

congarats! :)

Great photo, I love candid pictures of people on their wedding day. I'm glad you guys still take time out to remember why you're both keepers.


From Megsie

Happy Anniversary! You two look so sweet. Hope you have a special evening planned!


Such wonderful memories of a fun,delightful and perfect day! Can't believe it's been 13 years already! Here's to many, many more! Love, Lizardmom

Happy Anniversary!!!! You're so adorable!

Wow...I didn't know 12-year olds were allowed to marry...;D

baha! And we were LATE starters! :D


"Because he's a keeper." So lovely. I know I already told you on Facebook, but congratulations again!
~ Bethany


Great shot! I love your expression in this picture, and you do look like it could be your prom pic (but with better hair and a gorgeous dress ;-).


Lots of anniversaries on my Friends list here! Mine is coming up June 27th and I will dust off the scanner as well ;)

You look so cute together, and still do!


Look at you adorable lovebirds! (Who else votes for MORE wedding pictures!) I love your hands, all cute and clasped together.

Congratulations on THIRTEEN years. And hurray for keeping a keeper, definitely.


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