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Christina and Rée and Erin are making magic with words. They do it all the time and o! it makes me wild with envy and it makes me stutter with wonder and each word they choose is so right that I find myself holding my breath as I read all the way to the end where the explosive whoosh as my breath releases all at once in a cloud of joy.

Some of my blog friends have stopped up their mouths with silence. Did you ever read Harlan Ellison's I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream? That is what I would feel like if I couldn't talk or write or write about talking or talk about writing or write about writing. No words! A very quiet nightmare.

Beware. There are words fizzing and seething. A word geyser in the making. But no promises as to coherence, just that I am feeling the need to spew and shoot off my mouth and gurgle out this gush of words that keep bottling up in my brain. You should tap me gently on the head a few times perhaps before opening me.

Outside the window a darkling blue sky with shadow clouds. Chill temperatures greet each morning and evening this week and the wind flaps flags and rustles leaves and bends saplings. I notice the green and the not-green.

I feel the need for a pet, so much so that I keep thinking about trying to talk my husband into disregarding and daring the risk. Is it a spring thing? Fish aren't enough. Everyone is out walking their dogs but us and we would so like to be out walking a dog. I know this is an unrealistic and petty fever of desire that bubbles under the surface. It's not his fault: I have allergies, too.

Today, a gift of food from some of Anders' students: Croatian nougat (chocolate yum!) and mixed nuts from Iran. Pistachios & almonds & cashews & two more I don't recognize and since the labels are in Arabic I'll remain clueless. I don't think of myself as liking nuts mostly because I don't like them any way but salted. No almond M&Ms for me, thanks. I like girl candy: no nuts! Haha! I would like to see a pistachio tree.

I know how to write my name in Arabic, if the college acquaintance who taught me how to do it wasn't lying and making me believe that the Arabic for SUCKER was Elizabeth in a wavey dotted curlique of script. In high school I learned the Greek (Humanities & Art History) and Cyrillic (Russian Studies) alphabets and even how to write my name in Egyptian heiroglyphics. I have them written down in a journal somewhere. There's something soothing about knowing how to write your name in other languages. Although, my memory of how to write my name in Arabic might not be so accurate anymore and I might actually be writing URKELBREATH instead of ELIZABETH when I do it now. I should ask my Asian colleagues how to write my name in Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean. Then I could use a brush and paint my name black and spikey on white white paper. Add a spray of leaves and a red circular stamp. That's my name, don't wear it out.
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If you can scan the Arabic labels, I might be able to help you figure out what they say.

And Elizabeth in Arabic would be:

It can be written in various way, depending on how it is pronounced.

Edited at 2009-06-04 10:22 pm (UTC)

Hmmm...that was interesting. The word I have for my name is MUCH shorter. Now I'm wondering if what I have is for LIZ and not for ELIZABETH.

That would probably be:

That looks like it! :D

I checked it in my dictionary, but it doesn't seem to be an actual word in Arabic. So you're safe. ;-)

So, is it just the "sound" of the name that it's symbolizing?

Yes. Or rather an approximation of the sound, because Arabic has very different sounds from western languages, so when transcribing a western word or name, you have to choose the sounds/letters that are closest to the original sound. Written like this, it would be pronounced Leez, with a long i.

They also tend to add extra vowels, because in Arabic not all consonants can be combined. One of our guides in Yemen would always pronounce "breakfast" as "berekkefest", because he couldn't pronounce the combinations "br" and "kf". ;-)

I'm going to say berekkefest from now on. That's so cool!

I adore it when you just open the flaps and let the words out. You are a magical writer, Liz.

From Megsie

I am feeling random and scattered today as well. I have many uncomfortable things bothering me, like prickles in the grass, and I try to distract myself but then OUCH! they pop up again.

Re: From Megsie

prickles in the grass! exactly!

If you feel them let them loose. I can't imagine silence...not like that.

You want a dog? Boy, I've got a dog for you! How about a very you'll-never-be-alone-again lab?

My son signs his name in Chinese. At least he thinks he's signing his name. He had a wonderful Chinese daycare teacher but she told me behind turned hand that he's not even close but oh, he believes he's got it nailed!

And thank you, thank you for the kind words. I'm so glad when someone gets something from my posts. I get a lot out of writing them. Free therapy!

Free therapy, indeed :) Who needs to pay a shrik when you've got a blog? :D

And yes, we would LOVE a dog, but for now, we will not GET a dog. Long story.

If I understand correctly, since Chinese writing is based on words rather than syllables, there are plenty of options when you translitterate a name to simplified or traditional Chinese. While pronounced it might sound like Elizabeth, the various signs it is made from might have all sorts of meanings. Better choose the good ones. It has been reported some Western companies entering the Chinese market got fooled using improper signs so they had to redo it later.

Writing in hieroglyphics sounds great, in case you stumble into a time machine that sends you 3000 years back in time or so. At least you'll be able to write your name on a papyrus. :-P

How odd! I just posted a quote from Harlan on FB. Spooooky!

I haven't thought of his books in I'm itching to read them again!


Haha... I hope I'm not the only one who got "girl candy!"
It think pet fever is as much a spring thing as the sudden gravitation toward light colors and a general sense of twitterpation. Despite growing up with pets, I've never really gotten attached to them. I hate the idea of clean-up, and Daniel and I decided long ago that a pet would never fit in our globe-trotting lifestyle. Yet every Saturday at the open market, we stop to look at all the puppies and bunnies and kittens (to which I am horribly allergic) for sale, and every Saturday, I ask my husband if he's SURE we don't want a pet. I suppose this too shall pass.
~ Bethany

Oh man, I don't think I'd be able to just walk away from kittens and puppies and bunnies! that would be the DEATH OF ME!

imaginary friends

Enjoyed visiting your blog. Loved the "Imaginary Friends" heading!

Re: imaginary friends

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Kittens are so cute until you get them home and they become little energy packets of household terrorism. I absolutely love it when our new little one takes a nap. So does our older established kitty. Ah the peace we didn't realize we had...
But she is cute. And we do get a kazillion smiles and laughs a day at her antics. I just have to wash my hands every time I play with her. And we hope she gets more diligent in the using of her litter box. And I want her to stop playing with my ankles. It's cute now but won't be so cute when she gets a little bigger.
Thanks for the word trip all over the map Liz.

I remember that: the household terrorism. :) The 2 kittens we got when we first moved to Sweden were SO cute...until they started jumping at the walls and ripping the wallpaper!

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