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I'm not in the MOOD to write. What AM I in the mood for?

Glenn Miller songs and convertibles. Summer evenings and those retro lawn chairs made of soft round strips that make lines on the back of your thighs. Backrubs, footrubs, headrubs. Deviled eggs and rice krispie treats. POPSICLES.

digression/ I bought a box of Hello Kitty popsicles at the grocery store this evening, partly because they were grape & cherry flavored (!) and partly because I wanted to see the expression on Karin's face when I handed her the box /end digression

I'm in the mood for cleaning but I'm not motivated. I'm in the mood for tickets and travel but I have to wait a bit longer. I'm in the mood for strawberries and cream: one more week to midsummer!

Huge fat colorbomb peonies. Getting together with old friends. Girl giggles. Compliments. Closet cleaning. Ragtime piano players. Buying books. Slow-dancing. Nostalgia. Summer slacks and sandals. Turquoise. Open windows. Calligraphy inks. Comic strips. Vacation!

What are you in the mood for?
mood: moody
music: Pink Martini—Hang On Little Tomato


Chocolate and peanut butter. A nap and a good book. Black tea to wake me up. A long good telephone conversation with a grown chicklet. Daily massage for a week (HA! fat chance).
To look out in the garden and see that some fairies have finished the weeding. To feel well rested and perky. Ice cream, my kind of vegan ice cream. Peanut butter and chocolate.

NAP! I want to feel well-rested and perky, too!

From Megsie

I am in the mood for staying in my PJ's all day (which I did!). Also, for direction. I have been wandering aimlessly around my house, and in my life for the past month. I need to ditch the blues, write a "to do" list, STICK TO IT, and feel some accomplishments. However, I am not in the "mood" to do a "to do" list. My motto seems to be "maybe tomorrow." Possibly, if the sun ever comes out again, that would help.

Any news with you?

Re: From Megsie

Leaving for the doctor in 5 minutes. Nervous stomach :(

I just came from the movie. It was a new film of Lars von Trier "Anticrist". Tottaly depressed for a while.

Sounds awful :(


Turquoise and peonies!

What in the world are Hello Kitty Popsicles? Or dare I ask?

I'm in the mood for tea and toast with apricot raspberry jam...just waiting for the apricots to get a little softer and I'll make some!!!


They're just skinny popsicles that are half cherry and half grape, but the box was branded with Hello Kitty :)


So... what was the expression on Karin's face? We ushered in popsicle season yesterday with pineapple/strawberry/orange rockets, and I could not be more thrilled. Yes, popsicles have always thrilled my soul and will continue to do so until death do us part. :)
I'm in the mood for vacation (two weeks of no housecleaning!), frappuccinos, lazy sun-dappled afternoons with a book, water slides, messy wedges of watermelon, evenings on the balcony, and strappy sandals. Summer's almost here!
~ Bethany

Expression: utter disgust. :D

Popsicles ARE summer, aren't they? And slabs of watermelon :)

You and the commenter's have said it so very beautifully. (Don't know if the comma is needed there) I'm in the mood for lazy tranquil days listening to layers of birdsong and warm breezes. I'm in the mood for good news.

Good news! I'm in the mood for good news, too...and I got some a few hours ago: doctor said he couldn't feel anything dangerous, so apparently my little lump is nothing to be worried about (but he's sending me for a mammogram to be sure).


Yum, deviled eggs, rice crispie treats, popsicles and peonies. Yes, summer is here - just wait for the watermelon! And thanks so much for the birthday wishes.


Holy crap, your list of desires reads like a very good summer novel.

Me? Right about now? Sleep. (10:30pm)

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