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word origins
sleeping in
reading a good trilogy
playing games
my grandmother's gingersnaps
finding a new artist
unpredictable movie endings
belly laughs
lily of the valley
spice cake
getting mail
hugs from my family
sushi sushi sushi!
being helpful
knowing the answers to questions
singing silly songs
deviled eggs
antique markets
bright blue skies
poetry that lights your head on fire
ordering books
browsing bookstores
a stack of much anticipated books to read
my bookworms book group
the smell of freshly-baked bread
the smell of freshly-cut grass
cinnamon sugar toast
clean sheets on a freshly made bed
Christmas tree ornaments
German pretzels
unexpected phone calls from friends
talking to my mom
4-part harmony
words with 3 or more syllables
road trips
mountain views
songs from musicals
crossing things off my to-do list
having no plans
having lots of plans
Callebaut filled chocolate bars
font types
Napoleon lemon balls
dictionary definitions
castle ruins
Christmas cookies
baby bunnies
fields of dandelions
really bad groaner puns
witty repartee
seedless grapes
music you can play over and over
walks on summer afternoons or evenings
instant obedience
making lists
mood: contemplative
music: Simon & Garfunkel—Homeward Bound

From Megsie

Yes. You forgot Sunny Days. I only remembered because it is actually SUNNY here and 85 degrees F. It is a perfectly gorgeous day complete with the kiddie pool warming up in the back yard. I better get out there again!

Re: From Megsie

I said bright blue skies! That should be close enough! :D

Re: From Megsie

Here I thought I checked and double checked!

Now see there. You and I get along so well because our lists are almost alike, but not 100% (which is a good thing).

You don't have baby bunnies on yours?

Years ago I had a friend who raised angora bunnies for their fur, which she collected by combing them. She had her very own spinning wheel and spun the fur into yarn that she sold at craft fairs.

Her bunnies were magnificent and she took me with her one day to a Bunny Show at the Civic Center in downtown Atlanta.

There were approximately a million kajillion bunnies at this bunny show. I wandered around admiring all the furry bunnies that were there in the group with my friend's. I admired all the bunnies that were there because they could do tricks. I wandered further and admired bunnies of remarkable coloring. And then I wandered a little bit further and I KID YOU NOT - there was a whole section for bunnies that were raised for their delicious and abundant MEAT. You could actually buy grilled Bunny-On-A-Stick to munch on while wandering through the Bunny Aisles.

I bet you didn't like that little story, did you? :-P

hahahaha!! I am pragmatic about bunny meat. At least it wasn't kitten meat! :D

Although I have EATEN bunny and don't think it's all that great, it could have been the pepper sauce it was served with that put me off. Hasenpfeffer! Urk.

Thanks for the smile....

You are most welcome :)

I think I should add "nice comments" to the list! :)

Edited at 2009-06-14 09:14 pm (UTC)

picnics, lavender bushes, busy bees in lavender bushes, hummingbirds, finches on the feeder, poppies scattered amongst the blooming sage, chocolate smeared with peanut butter, strawberries, strawberry smoothies, strawberry ice cream (soy), laughing, reading a good book, hot showers, happy houseplants, blue glass, Krishna Das chanting, sundresses (if they fit well), hot springs, walks in the woods with friends, fresh peas from the garden, good distractions, seeing friends (when I'm feeling social), being alone, MASSAGE, avocados, peonies, new crystal earrings, butterscoth candies, going out to eat, my grown chicklets when they are loving me (as opposed to when they are annoyed by me), stories from long ago, elephants, my LJ friends...

hot showers! massage! avocados! strawberries! my list is going to be A MILE LONG! :D


Ah yes, a list that shares so many things I love (four part harmony, Simon & Garfunkel, browsing bookstores), yes, it's nice to find a kindred spirit halfway across the world.


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