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This is Karin (Liz kid) and this is my script for a movie that I'm gonna make on a game.
Its a Comedy action romance movie.

The dark ninja


(Henry and Elizabeth kissing)

Elizabeth: I don't want you to leave.
Henry: I must, i have a big test tomorrow, and i may not come back.
Elizabeth: Honey, don't say things like that.
Henry: I'll always have you in my heart.
(Henry leaves)


(new set)

*the living room*

(Elizabeth looking at picture and is sad)


(new set)

*Subway station*

(Henry stands waiting for train)


(new set)


(Henry boards)

(camera- looks at Henry sitting in train)

(Henry goes off train)


(new set)


(Henry walking in neighborhood)

(Henry walks into house)


(new set)

*Living room*

(Henry calls Elizabeth)

Elizabeth: Hello?
Henry: Elizabeth ? Its me Henry
Elizabeth: Oh my dear Henry !
Henry: I'm in your grandpas old house, and I'm just about to go to my test, and i called to say i love you...
Elizabeth: Henry you will come back i promise you.


(new set)

*rural field*

(two enter)

Teacher: Are you ready to rock?
Henry: I am

(kungfu fight)

(teacher dies in Henry's arms, Henry panics)

(Henry runs out of sight)


(new set)

*living room*

(phone conversation)

Henry: Honey, I killed my master
Elizabeth: did what?!
Henry: I accidentally killed my master
Henry: Honey? Honey, are you there?


(new set)


(Henry runs out of the house)

(And then off the set)


(new set)


(Henry sitting)


(new set)

*hotel room*

(Henry runs in)

Elizabeth (with gun): I'm so sorry, Henry... (shoots)

Henry (reacts to shot and dies)

Elizabeth: ...but I won't live with a killer.


mood: silly
music: Karin humming Roll With the Wind by Alexander Rybak


Brava! *claps madly* :-)

Edited at 2009-06-16 07:44 pm (UTC)

Fantastic! The irony of the ending scene is just great!!!!

Oscar indeed!

That is like the best thing I've read in a very long time! Awesome!!

From Megsie

Wow. Wowy wow-wow. Love the surprise ending! I would vote for it for sure. Are you going to FILM it next?

Re: From Megsie

She HAS filmed it. Martin helped with the audio. They have a PC game called The Movies where they can write, direct, act, film, release and watch their own films. :)


Before I read the other comments, I just have to laugh a little longer! So funny, Karin! Thank you for sharing this. :)


Get that girl an agent!


I nominate Karin for the Oscar! You know.. .I did visualize the costumes rustling. . .very vivid.

~ sherry


Love the super-shocker-twist ending! :-)


I love it! It was such an art movie with so little talking and so much scene. I really enjoyed it.

Cheers to Karin

C'est magnifique!

What is this game where you make movies? It sounds like fun!

Re: Cheers to Karin

It's this game. Kind of a cross between Sims and Tycoon style games. The kids LOVE it and as it really encourages creativity and imagination I like it too.

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