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Family, friends, a midsummer pole dressed with 7 kinds of wildflowers, dancing like tail-less, ear-less frogs (kouack kouack!), toads under ferns, swan babies, 6 kinds of herring, strawberries, singstar silliness, a hotdog-begging kitty, reading on the trampoline or alternately, bouncing on it, downpours with hail, giant fluff-clouds, sunshine! a walk in the woods, hotdogs on the grill, 2 puppies to pat, schnaps songs, packing, games, laughter! Happy midsummer everyone!

The kids, with John & Simone's help, were justifiably proud of their midsummer pole! (photo: John Slaughter)

Sillybutts! (photo: John Slaughter)

Karin, Liz, Martin & Simone (photo: John Slaughter)

The Ek's with Uncle Johnnie (photo: Simone Slaughter)
Tags: famdamily, obiterphotos
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