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I am back, but I am not sure I want to be.

I am back, for now. I will be gone again. Soon.

I am still on vacation and enjoying every sun-packed lazy-ass moment of it.

It's weird being offline for a determined length of time. One gets out of the online habit so easily. It was difficult to open this window and start typing; difficult to think of what to say, difficult to know where to begin, or whether.

We couldn't have had better weather in Sotens Fiskarby: sunny and warm with a constant cool breeze. We went to Nordens Ark and Havets Hus and Ramsvik Nature Preserve where Anders, John, Simone and Karin mountain-biked all over the rocks like maniacs. We hiked and walked and sat in the sunshine. We fished for crabs and had crab races. We admired the sunlowers (it never actually set) and ate strawberries with whipped cream. We visited Lysekil and Fjällbacka and Grebbestad (and saw BERT KARLSSON* behind the counter of the tourist info office!!!). We saw the bronze age rock carvings in Tanum and bought and ate more strawberries. We went canoeing on a windy windy lake and swam and splashed each other with perfectly timed rock tosses and jumped off cliffs into the water (well, Simone did) and slathered on a lot of sunscreen. We read a lot of books (my count: 6) and played Farkle and Clue. We tried not to think about work but failed so we talked about it a little bit instead. We ate ice cream in waffle cones and fantastic meals, and took a LOT of photos. Simone and Anders made awesome dinners. John made awesome guacamole (twice!). I washed a lot of dishes. The only way it could have been better was if it had lasted longer.

This morning we drove into Malmö, and went to a really big grocery store so John & Simone could find Swedish goodies to take back to friends. Then I took John to the bookstore to browse for his birthday present. We were there for an hour. We bought 12 books between us (2 were for Martin). Then John & Simone left to drive home to southern Germany. *sigh*

Martin is playing on the computer. They've both been computer-deprived this week but they've handled it well. Earlier Karin was lying on the floor behind me alternately badgering for sushi and crying at the injustice and hardhearted MEANNESS of her parents. Just now when I went out to the laundry room to start the dryer again she was sitting in the big chair playing with her toes. When I came back she was lying like a chalk drawing body on the floor. I asked her if she had crashed and she said, "yeeeeeeeeeeesssss". Boredom is good for kids, I hear.

She just brought me some frozen blueberries. ICY CANDY GOODNESS! She informs me that she's going to write a post on her journal. It was hard to understand her through the blueberries.

Happa Happa HAPPY belated Birthday Wishes to thehula and verian!

Awesome: Silhouette Masterpiece Theater

*We have NO idea what he was doing there, but it was definitely him.
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From Megsie

WELCOME BACK! I have missed you. It sounds like such a fun visit. And, yay! You are still on vacation! Strawberries...yum.

Re: From Megsie

Thanks! I'm really glad that my brother lives so "near" least on the same continent! He and his wife are great fun, they kept us hopping!

Computer withdrawal. It's brutal. Today Kyle is on restriction from ANY electronic toys because he didn't come home on time last night. I'm quite sure I'll get the boredom crash later today. I'm such a meanie.

No, you're not! Downtime from screens is a GOOD thing! For all of us! :)

As far as I know, Bert Karlsson has invested money and own work into Grebbestad for about 10-20 years. I believe he actually was born and raised about there, despite his strong relation to Skara, the record company, the Sommarland amusement park and so on. Who knows, it may even attract a few extra tourists to the area knowing he is involved into the tourism business.

Aha! Well, that would certainly explain it. We thought he was from Skara.

Regarding the blueberries I'd like to add yesterday I had a friend from the Netherlands on visit. We went to the hamburger restaurant Max, and he ordered a milkshake with the season's flavor, which turns out to be blueberry. However despite speaking rather good English, he had not the slightest idea what blueberries were, not even in Dutch he could think of a blue berry. Based on what the milkshake tasted like, he may still be none the wiser. I see from Wikipedia it is blauwe bosbes in Dutch, but perhaps they're not commonly found in the Netherlands?

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