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The light is incredible along the western coast of Sweden in the summer. It's one of the sunniest spots in the country, logging more sunlight hours by far than the rest of us. This past week, right after midsummer, the sun never actually set, just dipping down behind the horizon around 1 a.m. and apparently scooching quickly around to the east to rise a short hour or so later. Frankly, sunset photos never do the real thing justice. We drove up from Skåne in rain, which slowed and ceased as we arrived on Ödby Island. There were puddles in every rocky depression on the surrounding hills and cliffs and a washed-clean feeling in the air. All week the sky was a uniform robin's egg blue: a perfect blue bowl overhead with a fresh sea wind to keep us cool.

Rainbow over Sotens Fiskarby (photo: Anders Ek)

Heading home to Hunnebostrand (photo: Anders Ek)

Sunlower lighting: Martin, Karin, John & Simone (photo: Anders Ek)

Sunlower in progress (it never actually set!) (photo: Anders Ek)

Karin & Simone on the bridge to Hunnebostrand (photo: John Slaughter)
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From Megsie

What beautiful photos. You (Anders) captured the light so wonderfully. It makes me wonder how it looked "live" and in 100% size. I am sure it was breathtaking. Hope you had time for a nap today :)


What wonderful photos! I was going to go to Iceland over July 4th weekend, but had to postpone because of my ankle. Now I'm scheduled for early August, so I probably won't get the full sunlowering experience, but it will be much cooler compared to the hot midwest at that time of year!

- Heather


So pretty: both the quality of the images and the place itself!

always loved that part of sweden!

I love the rainbow capture! How intriguing, the sun never setting. I'd really have to adjust my internal clock.

And we weren't even halfway up Sweden! Only about a third of the way. Imagine what it must be like when you get really far up north!

These are gorgeous!!!


Beautiful pictures!! What times were the sunlowering pics taken? The light is totally delicious.


around 11 p.m. :)

It's all so idyllic and quintessentially Swedish...

Beautiful. All that's a curious thing up here. Makes you hungry. You eat lots? I would have and then rubbed my big sore tummy to the sunset.

Well, we didn't eat them at least! :D And yes, we ate lots. I gained a ton. :(


I'm playing catch up and looking at all your vacation posts! So gorgeous! Love all the photos and I think I know what kind of vacation we'll plan in the future! :oP I love canoeing too...and you're right, rivers are the best!


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