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Busy every day but in a leisurely way with time to sit in the sunshine and read books and walk along the piers of the little fishing towns. On Thursday, we drove north to Tanumshede to see the bronze age rock etchings that dot the area. Apparently there are more than 10,000 boat drawings alone, scattered around Sweden. They are colored red in order to be seen better by tourists, as in their natural state, they're scarcely noticeable and many have eroded badly due to pollution and weather. The world heritage site at Tanum included a replica bronze age settlement farm complete with a place of sacrifice (bog where offerings were made) and various hunting traps like the fox trap that John caught the kids in.

Bronze Age rock carvings at Tanum (photo: Anders Ek)

Thief warning! (photo: John Slaughter)

Caught in a bronze age fox trap! (photo: John Slaughter)

On the way home from Tanum, we stopped and ate in Fjällbacka, a pretty town on the water. We ate at Bryggan at Ingmar Bergman's Square where the food was delicious, and then had huge 2-scoop ice-cream cones before walking up by the cliffside to explore KungsKlyft, a gorge in the rock that has split it in two. The temperature in the gorge was at least 10 degrees cooler than outside, and the view from the top of the rock (Vetteberget) was spectacular.

Daring to walk under the boulders of Kungsklyft (photo: Anders Ek)

View from Vetteberget over Fjällbacka (photo: John Slaughter)
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I'm a bit dissappointed in myself for not keeping up with my friend's list the last 3 weeks, If I had, I would have known that you and your family were going to be in my neck of the woods last week. We could have had fika and such! Looks like you all had plenty to do on your own, though.

We WERE pretty close, I think. I saw road signs for Ed. :) We had something planned pretty nearly every day, though.


Man - you are an updating fool! Love all the photos and I would certainly not walk under those boulders!


I've still got 1 more photo post to come, tomorrow morning :)

From Megsie

I don't think I would walk under those boulders either...eeek! Such a cool photo though.

Fjällbacka - how cool! I have relatives who own a cottage (three to be exact) on Valö just off the coast from Fjällbacka. If you sat on Bryggan you would have seen their place!

Edit: Also - KungsKlyft was where parts of Ronja Rövardotter was filmed. /trivia

Edited at 2009-07-01 08:37 pm (UTC)

Martin said something about Ronja when we were there!

The drawings are amazing! One thing I loved about my kids at that age was their curiosity and openness and ready-for-anything-ness. Cool.

I love this age, too. They're such awesome people :)

Another stunning set of vacation photos! Between you and Geena, I just might feel like I had a sunny summer vacation too.

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