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I know just how blessed I am. It's not the time away, or the weeks off work, or the downtime reading relaxation. It's not the wind or the water or the rocks or the little fishing villages with their red houses all in a row. It's not the things we've seen or the things we've done. It's not even the sunshine. Okay. It IS the sunshine, at least part of it is. But mostly it's these:

Photos of Karin, Anders & Simone by John Slaughter; Photos of Martin and John by Anders Ek

Cracking Me Up: Where the wild things aren't

A Sparkly Firecrackly Roundup of Birthday Wishes to totte, jax_in_sweden, shazzerlive, idahoswede, kejn, ms_hackman, and Mia!
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You and your husband cloned those kids, right?

Beautiful pictures and I especially covet Simone's dress.

I was coveting her necklace. Everything she wears is so simple and stylish :)

Fabulous pics!

of fabulous people! :D

The sun casts such beautiful light on those photos!

Lovely photos! And beautiful people. What a wonderful family you have, and indeed, the reason is the people.


I covet everything about Simone too.
Her dress is Patagonia, and her necklace and matching earrings are from a store in Harbor 9 shopping center in Annapolis, Maryland.
in case anyone else is wondering...

And John - I covet his Guacomole. its really good.


Shiny Vacation Faces, YAY!

(although I missed your face in the team-awesome collection)


When I hear a song on the radio -with it's lovely message of love, be it family, or otherwise, or read stories of love or I see your lovely posts about your wonderful, loving family- I have sigh and smile. I have been taking these small messages, feeling the messages of love to offset my loneliness and empty apartment.

It hasn't always been that way. In the near-past I'd think, why am I so alone? But somehow, someway I have seen the error in my thinking/ feelings. I hear these wonderful messages as being part of a bigger world and that I am not really as alone as I think.

Really, thank you for sharing. And blessings to your lovely family.

Re: :-)

You're never really alone when you have the Internets! :)

Re: :-)

Thank you Internets. :)

[haa Your spam protector just gave me this message: Please confirm you are a human below.Thanks Spam-a-rama, now I really have a complex. AND the words that came up were railroad- yawn- and unafraid. Okay, I am unafraid! hahaaaahaaaaa]

Beautiful. Gorgeous. Wonderful.


What terrific pictures! All of them! Seriously, we need to plan a little family reunion with all of us and whoever else wants to cross the ocean. What should we aim for? Thanksgiving? Next Spring? Next Summer? I want to join in on the fun too ! :O)

Cousin Kathryn

I can tell your heart is full. It's a good place to be.


I've been scrolling all your amazing vacation photos - SO beautiful. I love that you could spend this time together, and Karin and Martin will have such good memories of this time, I just know it. Lately people going on vacation have been making me feel grumpy (pure jealousy on my part) but yours makes me feel oh so happy.



What a gorgeous family. (Of course we've always know the kids were cute!)


just. so. beautiful!!!

you're living a dream, my dear . . . bisous, bp

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