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What a silly and stimulating evening I had yesterday, trading horrible puns with ozswede and then watching West Wing, one of the only shows currently showing on Swedish television, or anywhere for that matter, that assumes you are intelligent and expects you to keep up. Anders swears it's making his brain cramp :)

Speaking of Anders, my poor husband is having a very bad day. He didn't have a massage either, this morning, like I did, which is helping me roll with the punches. The asphalt crew that started working on our street this morning at 7 a.m. told him he had to move the last couple of rows of paving stones of the driveway before Friday because they'll cover them up otherwise. Since he's leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks, he had to leave work to go home and pry up stones he just got finished putting in place a couple of weeks ago. :( And the car had to go in for service (scheduled but we forgot causing a mad scramble to get there at 10 this morning) And I'm kicking him and the kids out tonight so I can host book group.

The other day when I was sitting (where else?) at the computer working on the AWC website, Martin and Karin were messing up transforming the playroom into a theater. They decided to create their costumes out of paper, taped to their clothes and bodies. They're still in practice for the big show with an audience of one (me) some time later this week. At one point, Karin came into the computer room with a piece of decorated and cut-out paper in her hands, and said, "Mama, jag behöver band till detta." (Mommy, I need a ribbon for this). I looked at her, not understanding what she wanted, and repeated, "Band? You mean ribbon?"

(keep in mind, those of you who don't speak Swedish, that "band" can mean OTHER things than "ribbon" and I wasn't sure if it was ribbon she meant in this instance)

"band," says my daughter, "Band."
Me, deadpan, just checking, "Ribbon."
Karin: "Band. BAND. B-A-N-D!" (with this look on her face like if she says it louder and more carefully, I will comprehend her better.)
Me, starts laughing: "Ribbon. Ribbon, okay, I got it."

It WAS ribbon and she wanted it taped to either side of the paper, upon which it suddenly turned into a mask and the cut-out parts were the eyeholes and mouth.

Not 15 minutes later, Martin did the same thing with another word. I feel like I'm old AND deaf.

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