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The last day of vacation was both a lazy one and a busy one. I slept in super late, after waking briefly around 9 a.m. and then dozing off again. The sun was shining most of the day and it warmed up nicely in the afternoon. Martin and I completely cleaned out his room in preparation for Anders to start the re-decorating work. I went to the grocery store, did a load of laundry and baked & decorated a cake. Tomorrow is a crazy day: I'm sure work will be frantic and stressful, though I hope it's not too bad. Plus, tomorrow is a big birthday day for someone and we have all of Anders' family coming over for dinner, AND we have to take a car in for windshield replacement in the morning. Eek! Everything at once, isn't that always the way of it? Good thing I have such great memories of my vacation to keep me grounded.

Group shot in Aachen (Clockwise from front: Martin, Becky, Pete, Tim, Nick, Robin, Denise, Kelly, Liz, Anders) (photo: Karin Ek)

Aachen Cathedral (photo: Anders Ek)

LLG 5: Kelly, Denise, Liz, Becky, Robin (photo: Anders Ek)

I could live here! Schaloen Castle (photo: Anders Ek)

The Dreadful Duo: Becky & Liz (photo: Anders Ek)
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From Megsie

Good luck tomorrow~ and Happy Birthday to Karin!

First off: you are absolutely right. I feel that way about friends too...

Also: I am adoring the red red color of your hair right now. It looks maaaahvelous on you!

I love that last picture especially. You didn't want to say good-bye, did you?

Holy, Becky's eyes match her shirt! Stunning.

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lizardek's obiter photos
lizardek's obiter photos

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