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Double digits! My baby turns 10 today. 10 years of whirling, twirling, grimacing, roly-poly monkeybutt craziness! What would I do without her? She makes me fly up in the treetops with exasperation and with love. Happy birthday to my beautiful 10-year-old daughter!

mood: happy
music: Karin screaming WHOO!


Crazy. I'm staring down eight and that's bad enough!

Happy birthday, Karin!

Happy birthday, Karin!

She's a beauty. And happy 'Birth' day to you too Mom.

She's very pretty.
Great photo.
Happy birthdya to her.
How old is she now?

I mentioned her age 3x in the post :)

Ha, ha, typicall me.
I just looked at the lovely picture.

Happy birthday Karen!

Great picture btw! :)


Happy decade. Karin!

And good luck, Liz. I have really obnoxious statements to make about the period of parenthood you're entering now, but I refrain. You've heard them before anyway. Nope, my lips are sealed. Don't even try. Nothing but good thoughts from me. Not gonna do it.

Although you can stay at my house if you want.


hahahah! Small children, small problems; big children, BIG problems. :D


Happy, Happy Birthday Karin! - I plan to talk with you tomorrow -well, by the time you read this- it will be today! Love and hugs-Grandma Linda

Happy Day, Karin!


I see you up there in the treetops swinging away! A proud and happy mom, you should be . . . you've helped her along the way, so rejoice!

~ sherry


Happy 10th Birthday to Karin! What a wonderful milestone!!!

Cousin Kathryn

Ten! Now, that smile does look just a tad mischievious!
Happy Birthday special girl!

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