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It's been really cool and still in the evenings this past week, with clearly defined clouds in the sky and amazing sunsets, regardless of the temperature or weather during the day. Swallows are flying high above the village, darting like maniacs in loop-de-loops and I'm already seeing geese and hearing swans winging by overhead on their migratory airpaths. Even though it is the middle of summer, it feels like the arc is descending, partly, I'm sure, because I'm back at work.

For the first time in the 12 years of existence of the AWC Malmö, we had to cancel the annual Independence Day party on the 4th of July this year. So many members were out of town (including me) and so few consequently signed up, that it wasn't worth it for the 1 poor activity coordinator to try and schlep everything by bus, with her kid in tow, out to the beach park grill place, so she reluctantly decided it had to be cancelled. A few days after she had sent the email, both she and I had people asking us why we had to cancel since they were going to sign up. This is the biggest event of the year, barring Halloween, and a week before only SIX were signed up. Out of ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SEVEN MEMBERS. Argh, I say. Do people really think they can sign up for a major party 2 days beforehand? Do they not realize such events require planning and purchasing?? Anyway, to sort of make up for it, I'm planning to host an AWC Summer Party in August, so we'll see what kind of turn out we get for it. Our average at the 4th of July parties is 80 people, including kids, and that's how many I had in my backyard last year. It'd be nice to have as many, though last year's party was on the hottest day of the year so a cool breeze would be a bonus.

My good friend Camilla came over on Friday and had dinner with us and stayed all evening to talk. She teaches in Poland and has been there for 3 years, going on her fourth now, and usually when she's here I see her for a hour or so for lunch. I miss her a lot, we always have so much to talk about and her perspective on things is so similar to mine, that I always get a lift from our discussions. She'll be back for the month of August, though, so I'm hoping to pin her down for another couple of times to meet. One can never get enough of seeing good friends, don't you think??

Speaking of good friends, I got the loveliest little card in the mail today from Christina. It has one of her beautiful collage paintings on the front: a moose! I'm delighted with it and it will have a place of honor with the rest of the moose gang. Christina—chapters at a time is probably easier, but definitely the whole thing!

I think it's so nice to have made such good friends through this blog, this journal, this online obiter dictuming. It gives me SO much. It gives me the world and the nicest people in it, to boot.

Yesterday, something Karin said made me google an old game my brother and I used to play obsessively on my dad's old Commodore 64. Yes, I really am that old. We LOVED it and I was always kind of bummed that it never made the transition to a PC version. I even googled it once years ago, but there was nothing out there then. But now! Holy Dimension Spiders and Ceiling traps: Sword of Fargoal is available online for download!

Last week, I bit the bullet and started WW again. It was way past due; I've been such a damn slacker all year and now I have to start all over again. But I'm motivated and that's half the battle. I've been walking every day again, and now I'm starting the change to healthier eating and most importantly, healthier portions. It's such a struggle and I hate it, but there you are: I only have myself to blame and only have myself to make it change. I have thought about getting some low-impact aerobic DVDs to supplement my walking, like the good old Jane Fonda my college roommate and I used to do back in the 80s but I don't know what's good anymore...any suggestions or recommendations would be most welcome. Maybe I should just stick with Jane?

Bubble-blowing, Sweetly Growing Birthday Wishes to Bethany and a Bundle of Belated Ones to sandykins!
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Oh, dear. If you do it, I'm going to have to do it. I know it's looming. Somehow, this year, I want to actually CHANGE the way I eat, not just lose twenty or thirty or even forty pounds (wouldn't THAT be nice? back to the weight I lived for years and years without ever thinking about it) and then as soon as I'm in "maintenance," losing the battle all over again. I just love to eat good food and I love sweets and that is the way it is. But needs to be some other way. Can I feel about vegetables the way I feel about circus peanuts? I'm trying.

OMG CIRCUS PEANUTS! :D Probably just as well I can't get those over here, eh??

It had to be done, I'm telling you. Don't wait! Start now! Get motivated! :) We can be miserable healthier together!

I feel about kohlrabi, snap peas, avocado and black olives the way I feel about circus peanuts. MAN, I miss circus peanuts! hahahaa!

Gotta gotta gotta

Well, I got on the scales today and my smoking cessation project has done its worst. Ten pounds. And so...

What is your plan? Maybe I can hitch-hike on it. I'm fresh out of new ideas. I am pretty high on snap peas, avocado and black olives. Also cashews...Kohlrabi? I know what it looks like but if I've tasted it, it must not have been memorable.

Re: Gotta gotta gotta

My plan is WW until I get down again, at least, walking 30-60 minutes every day and finding a good low-impact aerobics DVD to supplement it. I'm trying to drink less soda (or rather, trying to drink more water) and also aiming to eat a big salad as my meal for either lunch or dinner as many days of the week as possible. Though that gets boring quick, so we'll see how it goes.

Kohlrabi is excellent. It's not got a super-obvious's quite subtle, a little peppery. But it's great crunchy and raw in a salad or sautéed with other veggies. There are lots of recipes online. A very versatile veg!


Yea! for good things coming back -WW and the old commodore game! Please say hello to Camilla for me when you visit with her again - glad to hear that you are still getting together. Love, Lizardmom

I will! She's vacationing in Croatia now for 2 weeks but will be around for all of August, so hopefully I'll get to see her more than once.

From Megsie

We had very cool weather last week (think autumnal) but it was nice to turn the AC off and wear sweaters again. Today, however, it was the perfect 80-degree (F) day, with sun and a cool breeze. We went out to eat and ate outside on a lovely patio. I, too, love to catch up with old friends. I need to plan a little breakfast or something for my high school friends for the near future. We have let it slip a bit. And as for WW, it is calling for me as well. Got any extra motivation?

Re: From Megsie

It's been pretty chilly and grey this week. It just turned black outside and poured on us, so I guess it's the treadmill for me tonight.

Yay for Sword of Fargoal! It is one of my favorite role playing.. eh, hack and slash games. However I prefer the original VIC-20 version which sports larger graphics and thus smaller mazes. The game has a lot of interesting enemies to defeat, most certainly were missing from my Swedish - English dictionary.

I can't seem to get the downloaded version to let me continue an already started quest, though. Keep having to start over.


I was trying to remember the name of that game last month in a conversation with others about old video games!! Thanks for jogging the memory. Good luck on the WW. Last week I also got motivated and have been in the basement every day (except one) to work out with my ball and toning band. I am already noticing a difference but the portions and the sweets..... that is what gets me too!!! It is tough.

When you're used to grabbing something every time you feel the least bit hungry it's even harder to slow down and think about what you are doing!

What do you do with the ball and toning band? Do you have a DVD you use?

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