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Whilst (whilst!) out for our evening promenade, Martin and I met a large wood pigeon who sparked a discussion about the oversized birds one finds in Sweden, which led to a mention of a red-eyed rabbit (actually, a hare) which Martin had seen in our garden some time ago, and how big THEY are (even the ones without red eyes). I wondered why he had red eyes and Martin said he was moving very jerkily so I said maybe he was sick, and Martin said maybe he was a robot. Which led to the evolution of this tongue twister (say each one out loud 5x fast!):

Rabbit Robot (Say it! Out loud. SAY IT!)

Robert the Rabbit Robot

Robert the Rabbit Robot Robber

Robert the Rubber Rabbit Robot Robber

Ribbit Roared Robert Rabbit the Rubber Robot Robber

Ribbit Roared Robert Rabbit the Rubber Robot Robber Wrapping Ribbons

Then our brains cramped and we had to stop because now it was US who were red-eyed and moving jerkily.

If you want to know how to say our tongue-twister correctly, CLICK HERE!


Don't forget about the CONTEST!
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music: Martin & I giggling madly


tried, I did! But...I couldn't even say it outloud while reading it- impossible, I say!! Love, Lizardmom

We laughed our heads off the entire time we were walking. We couldn't say ANY of them more than once and some of them we couldn't get through at all without flubbing. Hilarious.

After we got home, we thought of "Rebel" but it's too much as it is. Another word would be overkill. :D


By the way- loved the video- but obviously you can't say it all the way through either!! HAHAHA Love, Lizardmom

I did get my tongue a little jammed but not twisted all the way! The "wrapping ribbons" at the end was interesting!

That vid totally cracked me up! Had to watch it a couple of times extra just to cheer me up:)

We crack ourselves up! :D


you are all SO Adopted.
-unkie johnny.


That's great, and I love the tag - Silly Butt!


I'm so glad that Martin is right there with you, ready to join in true Lizardek silliness. The family traditions will be safe with that boy.

The apple doesn't fall very far from the tree, for sure! :D

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