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Feeling a bit scattered this evening, as though the super-focus I've been reveling in all week has finally loosened and blown apart a little bit. Some days I think I am just the same as ever. Other days I can't believe how much I've changed.

Just deleted several lines of existential angsty garble, most likely brought on by too-rapidly approaching birthday. Be glad.

Some things I am thinking about:
  • 2 weeks in the States! Woot! Can't wait! 2 weeks with my mom! WOOT!
  • My super salads for lunch have done the trick this week: I've lost 1.8 kilos. Good to feel so motivated and to have a goal.
  • One of my colleagues baptized my salads "Buried Treasure Salads" because I have a pile of yummy things in the bottom of the bowl and then a huge mound of salad greens above, topped with a sprinkle of pine nuts and bits of sun-dried tomatoes. Digging for buried treasure in my salads is fun, you never know what you'll find, since I throw in so many good things.
  • While I really like working during the summer vacation months when EVERYONE is out of the office (literally! I am the only person in my wing of the building and there are only 6 other people from my department working this week), because I get so much done and am so uninterrupted, I really don't like working when my husband and family are still on vacation. SO UNFAIR to have to get up early when no one else is even moving.
  • Where did the sun and warm weather go?
  • Sushi tomorrow: it's payday!
Glad to know I'm not the only one that sees faces everywhere

Another reason to love the English language: Words for everything!

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Luna

This just makes me SO HAPPY: Wedding Entrance Dance

mood: determined
music: monsters growling in Sword of Fargoal


Yeah! 1.8 kilos- that's wonderful, although that might mean I'll have to exchange your birthday gift! HAHAHA! Happy Treasure Digging Salad! Love, Lizardmom

I love that wedding entrance video too!

Those aren't the same people where they do this whole musical theatre thing to propose to her are they? Or was that AT the wedding? My God, weddings! I'm glad mine's over with. Looks like a lot of choreography to me!

I lost a couple of pounds this week myself, but don't feel very proud of myself about them. Increased exercise is certainly the cause. And while it's good to exercise more, that isn't what is going to take the pounds off ME to stay off.

Good for you on the salads.

Liz, that wedding video totally made my day. Thanks!


I saw BP's Facebook post too and added it to my status update - that is an awesome wedding entrance!


Here's to 2 weeks in the States and time with your Mom...double-woot! ;) I *hate* to work in the summertime. I've carried that 'summer vacation' mentality all through working at schools has been a blessing. At my permanent school job (which I had for our first 3 yrs back in the States), I had the month of July off. At this sub job I had last year, I get TWO months off (mid-June to mid-August)...HEAVEN. :) Have to say though, you sound very good-natured about working this summer.

Well, I DID have 4 weeks off first :)

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