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Findus, along with Martin and Karin, is VERY excited to announce the winner of the Great Plush Animal Purge Contest 2009!

You all have a lot more faith in my ability to get rid of things than I do: reebert guessed a whopping 12 bags! ms_hackman guessed 24 but I suspect she wasn't really seriously trying to win another stuffed animal. :D

Lizardmom and hi_from_sheryl got a bit closer with 9 and 8 respectively, but blog lurker Carolina hit the nail on the head with her answer: 5 bags! Yay!

The tiebreaker, which wasn't needed, was 2 kept and 2 discarded.

Carolina! I need your address, please, so that I can send Findus to you. :) You can leave it in the comments or email me at lizardek a t

Thanks, everyone, for playing along!
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Which one of the two Finduses is most excited: the one who gets to stay, or the one on his way to a new preserve? :-D

Oh my, I could have won! But I didn't want ANOTHER STUFFED ANIMAL. *teehee*

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