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Magic summer evening where nothing is more immediate than the robin's-egg sky, the white clouds, the warm breeze and the multi-hued horizon where the sun is diving down through whitened blue into rainbow layers of light. A beetle busily crosses the path and a caterpillar moseys along a leaf. Peacock butterflies flit nearby as you head into the over-arching greenness of the snail trail tunnel. The lawnmower is singing in the backyard, scything down the purple and white clover sprinkled over the lawn, and once in awhile a pheasant ratchets a high note harmony.

Martin is on the phone with my mom. Karin already talked to her, after we serenaded her with the Swedish birthday song, and then raced out into the light-suffused evening hours to find a friend to play with before bath-time falls due. It's my mom's birthday: Happy Birthday Lizardmom! Here's to many, many MANY more. I love you :)

Verdict from the doctor's visit: nothing at all to worry about, though they did take a biopsy and I'll have the final results next week. So that started my day off right.

I feel like I've lost the writing touch. Everything that tumbles out feels trite and over-thought, as if I were thumped on the head and can only cough up generalities, mundanities, blabbity blah. Perhaps I need a creative writing class, assignments, a deadline or two. Even trying to write every day (more or less), doesn't seem to be doing the trick. I persevere.

Karin wants to clothes-shop online, so time's up here!
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From Megsie

OH, THANK GOODNESS. I am so glad about the good report.

As for the writing funk...well, I don't know if you really wanted advice or not, so if you do here you go...Write poetry. Free verse. You already have the material in the beginning of this very post. Do a Sunday Scribbling. I always have a hard time with that, but some people are amazing. Read a good writing book (Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, look up Ralph Fletcher or Georgia Heard--Writing towards Home) That is where I get inspiration. If you don't want advice--disregard :)

So happy about your Doctor's appointment. A sigh of relief.

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