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I felt totally showered with love and affection all day today. An early morning birthday wake-up from my family with song and hugs and lots of lovely presents including the perfect watch chosen by Anders based on my fairly vague description. Pots of flowers both at home and at work and a colleague singing happy birthday in French to me. A lunch with good friends, cooked just for me with some of my favorite foods: salmon! snap peas! CAKE! that had me away from work for an unprecedented 2.5 hours (!) and a good day at work to boot. And funnily enough, I found out yesterday that my co-worker Kristian's birthday was today, too! I work with a birthday twin! (he got a piece of the cake later)

I swung by the grocery store for dinner salad fixings (oy! must get back on track STAT!) and to get the watchband adjusted, only to get home and discover that one of the diamonds edging the face of the watch was missing. Wah! Well, I got to wear it for about half an hour before returning to the store to drop it off for repairs. It will be back Friday so that's not so bad.

Martin and I went for a good walk in the sunshine, across the neighborhood and up the hill, past the junkyard and down the gravel road through the stubbled fields. All the wheat and hay and straw and rapeseed has been harvested in the past 2 weeks, leaving the golden fields bare brown dirt speckled with rather sad-looking stalks. We admired the growing sugar beet plants in other fields and the little lakes in the distance and the late-summer poppies, and scared two big hares that were oblivious to our approach for quite some time.

A million birthday wishes on Facebook, and love via e-mail, e-card, cards in the mail, phone calls and big hugs: what more could I possibly need to know that my friends and family wish me well? Thank you so much to everyone who made my special day even more special. 29 looks like it will be ANOTHER good year! :D hahaaaa!

Big Boy Birthday Wishes to e11en's Anders!
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argh! i remembered it this morning but then the day flew by (in true lizardek style) and woops it's almost 11 pm. but hey, this side of midnight counts, right? :)


Of course it counts! Thank you :)

Yippy Skippy Birthday wishes to you for the rest of your day (the little bit left on that side of the pond) and for your coming year.

*gently knocks own head against the wall*
Why didn't I wish you a happy birthday last night with my comment rather than waiting until this afternoon? I knew my morning was busy and I wasn't getting online until late...

Oh well, party all week, OK?

Party all week it is! :D

Happy birthday! I'm glad it was such a good day!

It was a lovely day! Thanks! :)

Happy birthday!

Tusen tack! :D

Happy Birthday!

Thank you! :)

Happy birthday, I'm glad you seem to have had a great day!

It was lovely! Thank you :)

From Megsie

Oooooohhhhhh! Today is the day? It is still August 10th here, and I wish you a (let's see if I can copy you...) loudly laughingly lovely Birthday to you Liz! Hope your happy day continues on to be your happy birthday WEEK (and year, ahhhh to be 29....).

Re: From Megsie

29 is always such a great year, eh? :D

Still Monday here! Happy Birthday and I hope you have a marvelous year!

Me, too! Thanks for the well wishes!

Oh, happy, happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Liz!!!! (It's only 8:20 Pacific time, so technically it's STILL YOUR BIRTHDAY!) ;) Hope you had a fabulous day...and that it's a stupendous year for you! XOXO

It was a lovely day! Thanks, you :)

Thank you on Anders's behalf! He had a lovely day too so I think it was a rousing success all the way around.

August 10 is a GREAT day for birthdays!


It's your birthday!! Happy birthday to you!! So you're a Leo, like my mother (and father was too!). :)

Big birthday hugs!


Leos rule! :D hahaha!

I meant to tell you happy birthday all day yesterday and I kept getting distracted. Sorry about that. :) It sounds like a great one--I'm so glad. :)

There's no deadline on well wishes :) Thanks!

Happy Happy Birthday!

thanks, you! It was a very nice day!


A bit late (I was in Iceland on vacation), but Happy 29th birthday!


And I am a terrible, terrible friend for not wishing you happy birthday! You are a gift and a huge source of inspiration and joy in my life. Happy belated! xoxoxox!C

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