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There's no way to capture the blue that the sky was today. It shifted through a spectrum of blue from power to powder to cobalt. The blue of a sky like today's sky settles in my skin and warps around all the contours and makes itself a part of me. What is so compelling about a cloud-devoid heaven? Is it the forever falling upwards, the lift of your head, the endless eye?

There is another moth inside the house on the wall. I don't know what kind it is, but there have been several of this particular kind in the house during the past few weeks. They are sturdy and brown and look a little like a very small autumn leaf with legs and antennae. I wish I had antennae. The furry kind, not the snail kind, nor the kind on the radio or televison or the car. Un-aerial, yet feathery.

If you google-search antenna images the only kind you get are man-made, metal, directional, mechanical, wireless. I had to change to antennae to find the biological kind. Appendages, they call them. Appendages! Appending from! PROTRUDING. I prefer feelers.

We have trapped and released at least 3 moths (of the same brown/sturdy variety...perhaps it is the SAME one being persistant! Perhaps he would like to be ADOPTED. Sorry, moth. I draw the line at bug legs), 2 burnt-sienna autumn-colored butterflies and 3 wasps and/or bees. I can't tell the last apart unless I look closely and frankly, I'm more interested in getting them quickly out of the house than I am in identification. I don't like the name wasp much. It's so short and stingy. I prefer yellowjackets. Though that does give them a certain je ne sais quoi that perhaps they don't deserve.

It occurs to me as I read back over that last paragraph that you, my reader, might read the word stingy as meaning miserly whereas in my head I was pronouncing it STING-EE. Sting-y. A little searching seems to confirm that there is no adjective form meaning sting-like or sting-ish or sting-inducing, other than stinging, which to me, implies a certain immediacy to the event of the sting, when what I want is the implication of imminence. Seems a shame, since sting-y works so very well.

I love that about English. Its morphable ability to birth new words simply by grabbing a suffix or prefix and appending it to an existing noun or verb or particle.

We are all very busy once again. Or still, depending on how you look at it. Established routine has been re-established. Work and school and after- activities have begun, one by one. We are falling into fall. Wheeling into autumn, slowly pulling our hearts from summer's relaxed embrace and turning to face the speeding churn of year's end.


In other news, I will be heading to Massachusetts at the end of next week to work from our US office for 2 weeks. Has anyone been to any of the following places/attractions and if so, can you give me any recommendation? Were they awesome or terrible or expensive? Was there something else in the area that you think was a much more important not-to-be-missed item to add to the list for my mom & I? We have a limited amount of days and too many things on our list. These are the things we are considering:
  • Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour
  • Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden
  • Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art
  • Drive along the coast
  • Portsmouth
  • Shelburne Falls
  • Old Sturbridge Village
  • Mystic, Connecticut Aquarium & Seaport
  • Newport, Rhode Island
  • Revolving Museum (creative expression & art)
  • Sandwich Glass Museum
  • Norman Rockwell Museum
  • Whale watching (though this looks pricey AND I get sea-sick)
  • Liberty Ride
  • SoWa Antiques Market
  • King Richard’s Faire
Two things I also have on the list are things I've already done (years ago) and which I would like to do again, but we're not sure we want to go into Boston this time when there are so many things to do outside the city: the glass flower exhibit at Harvard Museum and the Map Room in the Mary Baker building at the Christian Science Center.


Reminded of Beauty thanks to Sweet Juniper: Sylvia Plath's Pheasant
mood: relaxed
music: Smash Mouth—Walking on the Sun


Um, hello? You are so required to come to Mystic and do it FOR FREE because you know people!!! Ahem. Coastal drive included at no additional cost.

I have to admit, however, that I thoroughly enjoyed the Ben & Jerry's factory tour, I've heard lovely things about the Eric Carle and I may plan to hit the Dr. Seuss Sculpture Garden this weekend and give a better report then. Newport, I'd probably give a pass if you're pressed for time, Portsmouth, lovely but tiny (on the other hand, totally doable if you don't have much time). OSV I'd also pass on but I'm clearly biased there.

Did you get my email??? We definitely want to try and meet up, just not sure how to stuff all these eleventy-million things into the one (admittedly-longer) weekend we have :) But the coast trip is my mom's one big wish so it's more likely to happen, it just isn't definite WHICH WAY, but you're on my mind, I swear! :D

Also, please please do go to Seuss and report back. Eric Carle & Dr. Seuss in near proximity? SWOON. I really want to go to both, must just convince mom that they are worth the look-see. :)

Edited at 2009-08-20 09:13 pm (UTC)

I'm replying to it now. ;-) I'm just giving you a hard time. We have the same problem when we go to Sweden. Too many things/places to see and not enough time.

We may make it up to Mystic some weekend now that we have a car...does this offer extend to me? :)

I'm a lurker, but you've drawn me out! Ben and Jerry's is a fun place to visit, but a long way from anything else you've listed. But it is in a beautiful area between Stowe and The Mad River Valley (I'm biased, I live there!) But not to dissuade you from beautiful Vermont -- The Eric Carle Museum is absolutely one of my favorite places (I'm an illustrator and it feels like Mecca to me), and the Amherst/Northampton area has so much else to see as well. Same with the Norman Rockwell Museum. Stockbridge is beautiful and there are several other museums as well in the area; Edith Wharton's house, the Mount, and Chesterwood to name a few. Have a great trip!

ooh ooh! thanks so much! We're actually going to be based in Chelmsford, not Boston, and I haven't done any pinpointing on the map yet to see what distances things are. These were all found on a website listing "Daytrips around Boston".

I really appreciate the comment :) Don't be a lurker! :D

Oh, Chelmsford is a cute town, I grew up in Harvard which is nearby. So now I have more suggestions for you-- Have you been to Concord? There are some great little museums; Orchard House, where Louisa May Alcott lived, Ralph Waldo Emerson's house, Walden Pond etc. In Harvard there is Fruitlands Museum, which also has ties to Louisa May Alcott--her Father started a transcendental community there and the museum consists of their farm house, a shaker house a Native American Museum and a Picture Gallery. Plus the restaurant is very nice and there is a beautiful view. Also, you have got to go to Kimballs in Westford. When I was growing up it just a small stand with the best ice cream EVER. They still have that plus miniature golf, really really good hot dogs (I only eat about one a year and that's where I have it) and a great gift shop. Wow, now that I'm out of lurkdom, I might never shut up!

Yay for de-lurking! :D

So funny! My mom and I went to Orchard House when I was there last April (for work, also)...I LOVE Louisa May Alcott and it was a highlight, as was shopping in Concord: so many great little places. :) I've also been twice to Kimball's with my American colleagues but NOT to Walden Pond or Emerson's house or Harvard. Or Fruitlands, for that matter.

I'm really leaning toward Eric Carle & Dr. Seuss at least one of the days, for sure. :)

Yeah you should go to The Eric Carle museum if you get the chance, it is so wonderful. And think about Fruitlands, I think you'd love it! btw, Harvard is a small town about 35-40 miles northwest of Boston, it is not the school.

I think one or more of my US colleagues either grew up in Harvard or lives there now. This will be my 3rd trip to the US office. I actually stay near Bedford, though the office is in Chelmsford. I haven't actually seen ANYTHING of Chelmsford itself. Drrr...

My mom is a bit doubtful about all the childrens' book museums, though I think I can persuade her. They're neither one obviously just for kids, it seems like.

Wow, I wonder who?! So funny that there you are in Sweden and you've been to Kimballs-- such a silly small world. And I'm always dragging my mom to the Eric Carle Museum. I entice her with lunch at the Atkins Farm Market after, but actually she really enjoys the museum too! Oh and they have some fun exhibits right now, Tomie De Paola and Winnie the Pooh art. Smith College nearby in Northampton also has a really nice Art Museum. And in Amherst there is the Emily Dickinson House. So much to do! Have a wonderful trip!

WINNIE THE POOH!! Aaaa! I hope that is still there when we are there over Labor Day weekend!! Okay, Eric Carle is a DEFINITE. And O! Emily Dickinson! That would be really cool, too. There is SO much to do! Thanks so much!!

From Megsie

Just so you know, I read sting-y. I am jealous of your blue, blue sky. It has been stormy and rainy here all week...and COLD. It feels like October. My feet are cold, but I refuse to put on any real shoes. It is still August, so the flip-flops will triumph! I have never been to the Boston area, so I have no advice for you except to say how much I adore Eric Carle. Have you checked out his website? It is Fantastic.

Re: From Megsie

It rained all day today, if it's any consolation. :) And it IS cooling off, but I also refuse to stop wearing sleeveless shirts and sandals. I am going to check out Carle's website again right now, it was ages since I last did.

Mystic or New Bedford?

If you go to Mystic, check out the Charles W. Morgan whaleship -- it used to belong to my ancestors from New Bedford, MA; I know, yuck, whalers !

Stupidist thing New Bedford ever did was sell it to Mystic during hard times; it's become one of the main tourist attractions there. New Bedford never really recovered from the loss of the whaling and textile industries -- tho I hear it's trying to reinvent itself as an artist's colony of sorts. So buck the trend and go to sad, aspiring New Bedford !

BTW: I like the pheasant poem -- she sounds so uncharacteristically happy.

Anonymous formerly known as Dratski formerly known, etc

Re: Mystic or New Bedford?

Artist colony sounds pretty appealing to me! :)

I have to put in a vote for the whale watching tour. I am also prone to seasickness, but the boats are catamarans (sp?) so *very* stable. I've never felt the slightest bit queasy on them. This is the one thing I insist on for my out of town visitors--I do not like the water, and do not like the thought of big things lurking under the water, but watching the whales crest is breathtaking. I have these photographic memories of seeing a double whale breech, and a mother traveling with her infant... So, so, so amazing. They seem to be genuinely interested in the boats, too, lifting their heads to watch the people for long stretches of time.

Newport is really lovely, but it's a bit overwhelming in its excess, and eventually gets numbingly so. To be honest, I enjoyed the postcards of the houses more than the houses themselves. (The gardens are a different matter, and are far more enjoyable in person.)

When will you be around? There's an annual Open Studios in the South End of Boston (this year it's 9/19-20) which is a mind-boggling assortment of artists displayed in their working studios. It's great fun to traipse through these buildings to find some artists in immaculate spaces and others splattered with paint or rusty gears. It's also free! but you can buy artwork if you like, and sometimes it's amazingly affordable. Info here:

Thanks for the info and the rec on the whale-watching!

The art thing sounds awesome but it's after I leave to come back to Sweden, unfortunately.

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated this post - beautifully written! (Well, maybe not the travel plans, but your experience of that late-summer day)

Wow. Too many things on the list that I wanna do now. Can I go, huh, can I??

Your words in this post are simply lovely. I am in love with the descriptions and the way you have rolled your words together. Thanks for that Liz.


I love English too, even though it IS temperamental and has more exceptions than rules. I especially love making up words when the right one isn't readily available, and I heartily approve of "stingy." :)
~ Bethany (


Russell and I recently spent a few days in New England and we really liked P-town (Provincetown). I know you'll have fun wherever you go and whatever you do. Wish I could see you on this visit. Hopefully next time.
p.s. that other blog posting about "workout OCD" was from me. I forgot I selected the Anonymous option. LOL

Re: MA

Thanks! Russell sent me an email with some more info about PTown. It sounds really nice :)

I wish I could see you guys this trip, too. There are a lot of people I wish I could see this trip! :( Never enough time.

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