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Today's Treadmill: 43 minutes/3.3km/103 cal...I seem to be caught in work-out-OCD. I planned to walk 40 minutes, but couldn't stop because I was just under 3 kilometers AND just under 100 calories AND the song I was listening to was still playing when I hit 40 minutes, so I had to round everything off.

Later, walked into the kitchen and found FIVE wasps in various states of upset against the kitchen windows. I am the catch-and-release queen.

My nephew is ill in the hospital with an acute kidney infection AND the flu. Feel awful for the little guy. They are doing tests to see if the valves are functioning correctly and if not, he may have to have surgery to correct that, IF the kidney, which has severe scarring, is even functioning at all...and it not, he may have to have surgery to remove it completely. He's missed the first day (and week) of school and my sister, who is staying at the hospital with him, is sick, too. WISHING some good news and GOOD health to them.

Update: He's been discharged today after testing, which showed that there is definitely a valve problem, and they've gotten the infection under control. He has to go back on Tuesday for a renal scan to determine how much kidney function he actually has.


It's such a gorgeous day today that I really need to get outside. I shall go out in the sunshine and finish my book.


Much later. I didn't lie on the trampoline. Instead I pulled one of the lounge chairs out of the garage and set it up under the sun umbrella on the deck and sat and read. Every so often I raised my head and lowered my book and thought about going inside to get the camera so I could make some short films of the beautiful weather and the peaceful sound of ravens cawing and butterflies flitting and bumblebees buzzing and the breeze in the trees, but I couldn't be bothered to actually get up and do it.

What a lovely, lovely relaxing day. I can't get enough of days like this. Is it even possible?
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