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This week has been full. Stuffed full. Crammed full. Proppmätt, as they say in Swedish, though that usually has to do with your stomach and not your calendar. Life is ALWAYS full, it seems. Remember those long, lovely, boring days of summer when you were a child and there was nothing to dooooooooooo? Yeah, I dont either.

Early Saturday morning I'm flying to Boston via Amsterdam (with only a 1.5 hour layover, eek!) for 2 weeks of working at our US office. If I wasn't able to take this trip for work, it would have been over 3 years since I was last in the States. It's just so prohibitively expensive to get there with 4 people these days. It's very frustrating because ideally I'd like to get back no more than every year and a half at the most. Late last week, someone asked me if I was ready to go, and holy crap, I was SO NOT ready. Now? I'm totally geared up and putting the finishing touchs on my preparations in addition to everything else that is going on.

This week, as usual, I've had something to do every single evening and day but for the most part they have all been good things, including a massage, the AWC meeting, book group, a lunch with friends, a dinner with Camilla, sushi, good workouts, SUNSHINE, a gift certificate from the club, and getting al lthe umpty-million things on my to-do list crossed off. I only have a couple of things left: print my boarding pass, PACK, order a taxi, get the flea market stuff out to the curb before I leave for the airport and spend a couple of hours tomorrow evening helping the village sports organization with the flea market preparations as part of our duties as the parents of a kid who plays soccer for said organization. Too bad I won't be here to actually shop at the flea market but the compensation of being able to shop in the UNITED STATES far makes up for it! :D

My nephew is going to be okay...he does have the kidney valve (renal reflux) problem and will have to have surgery to correct that now, but his kidney function was much better than expected so they will not have to worry about dialysis or a transplant until he's an adult, and maybe not even then, depending, AND his sister seems to be okay.

My father-in-law had surgery this morning for a hernia, but I just talked to Anders' mom and it went fine, and he should be home by Saturday.

When I came home from work yesterday, Karin was running a high temp and complaining of a sore throat so we dosed her and medicated and sent her to bed, and I knew there was a pretty good chance I'd have to work from home today. Sure enough, she still had a bit of a fever this morning though it's since disappeared and she seems like she'll be fine for tomorrow.

I am actually a bit sad to be leaving Sweden when it is in the midst of such a streak of grogeous weather. This whole summer has been, simply, fantastic. This morning it was dark and cloudy but by the I got my laptop open and logged in, the sun was brightening and the clouds were gone. It's been blue skies and beautiful all day. The plan for book group tonight is to go down by the beach and have our discussion near the water, which will be perfectly lovely. Even though the book was terrible and everyone will rip it to shreds, which sucks for me since it was one of my recommendations, but that's okay, since I didn't like it either. The sun is shining, shining, shining! and I'm immersed in the beginning of Mark Twain's Autobiography and I'm leaving on a jet plane in just 2 days!

Gigantic, Humungous, Great Big Birthday Wishes to wavebreaker and Belated ones to bondas!
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