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I suppose that I may not complain about the dearth of posts from people I want to read when I have been lax about writing myself.

Thinking of that was enough to make me un-duff and start writing.

If only it was always so easy.

Also, if only it resulted in a post worth reading! HAR! suckahs! :P

It was damned cold out today—fall arrived with a snap and a vengeance. It took no prisoners in its announcement of arrival. Cold, rain, gusting winds, grey skies. BRRR...now I'm sort of bumming about my yummy lunch salads because it's kind of a drag to eat a cold salad, however yummy it may be, when it's COLD out. Cold in. Cold everywhere, and not even warm in my tummy-tum-tum. Are there warm salads?

I am The Busy these days. Bzz bzz bzz. It makes me slightly manic, which is sometimes good and sometimes aggravating. To wit, I bought a movie while I was in the States that I really want to see, and though I have actually put it in the DVD player and turned it on and started to watch it, I could NOT SIT STILL and had to turn it off until further notice. Antsy. Ants in my pantsy. Drr. And I really want to see it. But the kids were talking and the dryer was running and the dishwasher ditto and I just couldn't concentrate.

A lot of what I am thinking about these days is my friend who is struggling through a rough time with a husband undergoing chemo treatments for leukemia. I cannot stop worrying about them. I cannot stop thinking about how fragile EVERYTHING is. Or what I would do if it was me (curl up in a ball. Scream.) It's a horrible, awful, chilling nightmare of a thing. Worse: a friend with cancer, a spouse with cancer, yourself? GAH. I need a brain scrub.

I miss choir. And singing. Yet I am relieved at not having it as a commitment every week.

A colleague who was in the States last week dropped 2 bags of Reese's miniatures off in my office this afternoon. Talk about making my day! Mmmmm...Reese's!

Thought: I think Facebook makes bloggers lazy.

There. *nods and dusts hands*
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