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I suppose that I may not complain about the dearth of posts from people I want to read when I have been lax about writing myself.

Thinking of that was enough to make me un-duff and start writing.

If only it was always so easy.

Also, if only it resulted in a post worth reading! HAR! suckahs! :P

It was damned cold out today—fall arrived with a snap and a vengeance. It took no prisoners in its announcement of arrival. Cold, rain, gusting winds, grey skies. I'm sort of bumming about my yummy lunch salads because it's kind of a drag to eat a cold salad, however yummy it may be, when it's COLD out. Cold in. Cold everywhere, and not even warm in my tummy-tum-tum. Are there warm salads?

I am The Busy these days. Bzz bzz bzz. It makes me slightly manic, which is sometimes good and sometimes aggravating. To wit, I bought a movie while I was in the States that I really want to see, and though I have actually put it in the DVD player and turned it on and started to watch it, I could NOT SIT STILL and had to turn it off until further notice. Antsy. Ants in my pantsy. Drr. And I really want to see it. But the kids were talking and the dryer was running and the dishwasher ditto and I just couldn't concentrate.

A lot of what I am thinking about these days is my friend who is struggling through a rough time with a husband undergoing chemo treatments for leukemia. I cannot stop worrying about them. I cannot stop thinking about how fragile EVERYTHING is. Or what I would do if it was me (curl up in a ball. Scream.) It's a horrible, awful, chilling nightmare of a thing. Worse: a friend with cancer, a spouse with cancer, yourself? GAH. I need a brain scrub.

I miss choir. And singing. Yet I am relieved at not having it as a commitment every week.

A colleague who was in the States last week dropped 2 bags of Reese's miniatures off in my office this afternoon. Talk about making my day! Mmmmm...Reese's!

Thought: I think Facebook makes bloggers lazy.

There. *nods and dusts hands*
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I actually suspect that facebook might become the death of blogging.. :(

NOT for me, baby!!

It has been said that has already happened. But after all, bloggers are WRITERS. Facebook is just keeping in touch, no? It sho' ain't poetry.

For sure. But I don't believe it. I think blogging is just laying low because FB is quick and easy and people are, essentially, lazy. :)

Actually, I think blogging fills a niche filled with journalists, novelists, poets, essayists, and especially columnists. Writers. Philosophers who speak to the folk, not the Academy. Facebook is the telephone, the wedding/funeral/state fair to bring people together. More people have joined that because it isn't about writing and reading, it's about connecting. Blogging is "keeping in touch" or "reach out and touch someone" while FB is. FB can't explore, but it can LINK to your blog so potential readers can stop by to sample and perhaps to stay. Or not. FB is a carnival. Blogging is a pilgrimage or a labyrinth. To stay with my Burke quote.


FB is terrible for my blogging at least. I'm trying to change that by combining the two, but they don't always mix well.


I don't mix them in both directions, at least. I don't talk about my blog on FB though I do talk about FB here. :)

I don't talk about my LJ blog on FB because I am too OUT THERE here. But I shamelessly promote my professional blog on FB.

We're still in a crazy warm snap, so I can't relate to your weather woes... but I can hook you up with my favorite "warm" salad recipe (based on a Greek salad recipe from Gourmet):

Cook 3/4 C. of orzo pasta in chicken broth until tender. Drain.
Meanwhile, heat up 1 15-oz. can of black-eyed peas (drained).
For the salad, layer the cooked orzo, then the black-eyed peas, then 2-3 C. chopped romaine, then 1 large diced tomato, then 1 C. diced cucumber, then 1/2 C. slivered Kalamata olives, then 1 C. crumbled feta. Sprinkle salt and lemon juice over the top, and eat right away.

I love the temperature and texture combinations of warm pasta and black-eyed peas with cooler veggies, plus the taste is amazing. I would probably eat this every day if my husband didn't appreciate mealtime variety so much. :) Let me know if you try it!

The recipe sounds lovely except for the black-eyed peas, which EWWWWWW! I must be able to change them out for something, right?


I think Facebook is the death of more than just blogs. It's also the death of homepages. Remember those? People don't put pictures up on their web site anymore, they just Facebook them. If you don't have Facebook, you're SOL. It's also the death of a few other social communities (MySpace, Friendster, etc.) but who cares about that. And I think it's starting to contribute to the death of offline conversation too. Some of my friends seem to have gone silent lately -- no email, no phone calls, no attempts to show up at in-person events, and sometimes no attempts to even RSVP to invitations. It took me a while to realize what was happening, but while I was suddenly wondering where the heck everyone went, Kathey was talking to all of them on a daily basis on Facebook. It's not that they don't want to be around friends anymore, it's that they already ARE around friends all the time now, on Facebook. So who has time to waste on one-on-one interaction?

Ok, so it's not going to completely replace personal human contact, but I think we're seeing something similar to the shift we saw in the past from paper letters to emails. But in that case, I was an early adopter, using email way before web sites even existed, so I saw it as a positive thing. But now I feel like one of those people that was grudgingly forced to start using email when they realized they weren't getting any letters from friends anymore. Finally I had to cave and join Facebook too, or risk being even further out of touch with those friends (and relatives!).

It's not all bad of course. I'm finally in touch with everyone again and I've found several old friends that I might not have found otherwise. Facebook's popularity is one of the main reasons everyone's going there -- because everyone else is going there. I read the other day that Facebook now has 300 million users, up from 200 million in March of this year. ONE HUNDRED MILLION new users in SIX MONTHS! No wonder everyone seemed to all disappear at once!

Next time you're at a party, take a poll of how many of your friends are on Facebook. If you're not on it too, you may be the one being left behind.


Well, my homepage has been more or less dead for ages, but that was Livejournal's fault, not FB. I still don't post photos on FB, and don't know that I will ever, much.

You had some really interesting reflections on the whole phenomenon. I thought you were right on the money about the shift and the caving in. :)

Maybe it's the time of year? We all turned into slugs? The dog ate our entries?

LOL! you made me laugh out loud!

From Megsie

I think you may be being too hard on yourself. You are still posting, right? I still come here to read how the famous bloggers live.... You still rock in my book.

Re: From Megsie

Aw, thanks. I am still posting and WILL continue to. FB won't kill ME.

half the people i know are on facebook but mostly playing farmville and whatnot, and the other half (the ones i'd really like to have an easy way of getting in touch with) can't be persuaded to join. FB is useless. :(

Well, I don't know that I'd say useless. TWITTER is useless. :P


I'm so sorry about your friend. Cancer really, really, SUCKS.

Our choir started yesterday. It's even bigger now. They are even talking about moving us to a bigger place so that everyone who likes to start with the choir will be able to. Now because of fire security regulations they have to deny people to come in because they can't let everyone in.

But it was so much fun to be back at the choir again with our crazy fun choir teacher Caroline making us burst into laughter, and sing at the top of our lungs!

Music, singing and laughing is healing for the soul...


Your choir sounds like such a hoot. I sure wish it was closer!!

For what it's worth, I'm not posting less because of Facebook. I'm posting less because I am trying to shift my priorities and develop a healthier relationship with Internet. For several years blogging was a big part of my life, but that type of time commitment is not really sustainable for me. But that could be just me.

Healthy relationship with the Internet? Huh?

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