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Holy crap, it's the last day of September! I am boggled by another year bending to the end again. If I look over my shoulder I can see April, the April that WAS, just disappearing out of the corner of my eye. It was spring just a minute ago, wasn't it? Consolation: it will be spring again in a sec. Just wait.

This morning there was a silver skin of ice on the windows of the car. The sun isn't far enough up to break over the roofs of the houses that keep the car in shadow so I had to scrape it off with our crappy ice scraper. We need a new one since this one is about to get hurled into the ditch with a volley of cursing. It's faster to turn the car on and turn the windshield and rear-window defrosters up to high than to try and scrape that stubborn slick away. It just glazes under the scraper's edge.

Cold and crisp and sunny for most of the day, just the way I like it. There was fog along the fields and up the hill to Ödarslöv as I drove to work this morning. The wind towers stuck out of the fog like strange stemless flowers. I don't know if they're actually called wind towers but that's how I think of them. They always remind me of the tripods in those bizarro alien-invasion Brit-kid books I read once a long time ago. Did you ever read those? I can't remember their titles or the author. It was a trilogy. Two seconds of googling would find it for me, but I'm feeling googlethargic right now. And then! At the top of the hill, in the far distant blue sky, where everything was blue and pink and early-morning orange: a hot-air balloon! At 8 o'clock! Very strange. Usually you see them in the summer evenings. Not on an early Wednesday morning.

Up the hill, with the light slanting over the sugar beet fields, around the back of Ericsson and under the highway, I drove down Scheelevägen, pulled into the parking lot at the side entrance and got out of the car just in time to wave to the people in the balloon that was passing right over my head, right over my building. Sunrise views from a hot-air balloon! If I was up in the balloon in an early morning, I sure wouldn't go to work afterwards. I would have to go home and lie down and rewind the trip in my head.

My mood keeps going up and down like a damn rollercoaster. One minute The Upbeat has me firmly clasped against its chest and we are waltzing around in circles, grinning mindlessly. The next, I'm a saggy bag of grump and snap. It's giving me vertical whiplash. eMotion-sick!

Good things: Perfectly ripe avocados waiting for salad, the smell of cinnamon crumble cake filling the house, lunch with girlfriends, connecting, erotic dreams, crossing off to-dos.
mood: cheerful
music: Imogen Heap—Goodnight and Go

good things

> erotic dreams

I love how you just include that in the middle of your list of nice-but-not-that-exciting things. :-) You go girl!


Re: good things

Not that exciting?! Crossing off to-dos is THE BOMB! :P

From Megsie

I also noticed the "erotic dreams" in the list....hmmmm. Hope your mood swings settle down soon. Your description of fall is lovely.

Re: From Megsie

Me, too. It's tiring.

"eMotion-sick" I love it!

It made me laugh!

Mmm. I like your Good Things List, and contrary to other opinions, I think they are ALL exciting things, it's just that the erotic dreams may be less under your control, although perfectly ripe avo are sometimes not that easy to find! *heehee*

Nice descriptions Liz. I love your first paragraph.

Hee! I waffled about throwing that in there, but it had to be done.

the morning that C and i started the drive to örebro we saw the wind turbines sticking out of the fog like that. quite mystic! :)

and i saw the balloon too. what a view they must have had!! (but probably a bit cold up there.)

wind turbines! AHA!

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