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For the ones who bring it

I started to name you, tossing out monikers here on the evening air
so you would hear
You would know
how much you matter
You would think: wow! little 'ol me?
Your names, a litany of light that goes
Around and around this great big globe
A tangled connection of something bigger than the earth
It reaches from me to you
All the way round and back again
I hold on with both hands and call your names: yes, you.
mood: loved
music: Calaisa—We Sing the Same Song


Very nice Liz.

From Megsie

Lovely. I am loving all the poetry I have read today :)


What a wonderful way to start off October. I've missed your poems. Love, Lizardmom

Shivers. This gave me shivers. Please keep writing poems. This one is sooo good. Mmmm. I'm still savoring. Have to re-read now.

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