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What a busy week! It seems only yesterday that I posted but it was Sunday! And now it's Thursday! Zooooooom. Not over yet, either. It's been all AWC, all the time. I'm officially no longer the Editor, which is a weird feeling. I went through this several yeas ago, when I gave up the Editor position for a year and took a break from the board work, though I helped out a bit with the web work that time. This time, I've just moved positions on the board, and am still 1/2 of the webteam, which probably means nearly as much web/editing work as before, though not the official responsibility for it.

Instead of Editor, I'm now the club representative for our umbrella organization, FAWCO, and am already helping them out on THEIR website with some minor administrative details. I've been active with FAWCO before and I'm a bit wary about getting sucked in to doing too much again, but the position needed filling so...here I am. The handovers from the old board to the new one have gone okay, though I'm a little worried about the activities officers. There are THREE of them this year, instead of the usual two, and two of them seem pretty casual about their election, even though they agreed to step up to the positions. We'll see how it goes!

Get this, though! One of our co-Treasurers, during the August meeting, took in several cash payments from people who were paying their membership dues for the year, and didn't realize until later that one of the payments was in COUNTERFEIT MONEY!! It's pretty amazing to me that she didn't notice but she got cash from 10 people all at the same time and was just receiving and writing names down and stuffing the money into an envelope, without really registering that there was anything strange about any of the money she was handed.

There's no way the person giving it to her didn't know it was fake, either. It was two 100-krona bills and one 50-krona bill. They were all made the same way on the same copy paper and looked like they'd been printed on a home color printer, cut with SCISSORS and then crumpled and smoothed. The worst thing was that at some point they'd gotten wet and the ink had totally run and spread and in some cases, completely disappeared. Unbelievable! And there's no way to know which of the people who paid that night might have done it, but can you imagine? Ballsy!

We talked about whether or not to report it, but it was almost 2 months ago and we have no way to prove anything, so I don't really think it would be worth it. It's not a very nice feeling to think that someone in the AWC is so dishonest, and a criminal, to boot.


Karin's had a lot of muscle pain in her left calf over the past few months and been sidelined at her soccer practices and some games, much to her dismay. Anders got her to the physical therapist yesterday and they said she had had a tear in the muscles that had healed badly and therefore, wasn't as flexible as before. But what caused it wasn't so much the sports but the fact that she has very flexible and very flat feet, with almost no arch, and her feet are "collapsing" inwards and straining the muscles of the calf continually. After the appointment, Anders took her to the shoe store and bought her new gym shoes with better arch support and inserts for her current shoes, and we have to get her better everyday shoes as well. We also have to give her leg massages every other day and she has a follow up appointment in 3 weeks. She can still play soccer but she has to be more careful about warming up and if the pain continues after a practice or match, she has to rest the leg for several days from sports/gym. It was okay if she had pain DURING sports, just that it shouldn't keep hurting when she was done. Anders has had some of the same issues in the past himself, though I don't think it's stopped him much from being active and playing different sports; she has her father's feet.


Anders is leaving on Sunday for a 2-week business trip to Italy; it's been ages since his last one. But I'm feeling bad about the fact that he hasn't gotten started on the renovation work for Martin's room and think maybe I need to get him to show me how to run the power sander, so I could maybe at least get that part done while he's gone. Hrm.

A Bazillion Belated Birthday Wishes to gale_storm, gissa and bezigebij!
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