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I have a policy never to argue politics or religion with anyone because I believe it's nearly impossible to change anyone's mind. I think people have to get to that point on their own initiative, and that the politics and religion of their childhood will often, although thank goodness not always, be the most influential factor in a person's adult philosophy.

Living as an American expatriate means living in a dichotomy of feelings about the country of my birth. It's even harder since I was raised as a military brat with all the subtle and unsubtle indoctrination and propaganda that entails. I find myself creating a more deliberate distance with my country because I don't agree with the state of the current administration, and fervently hope that they will reconsider the course of action they've taken and take steps to repair the damage they are doing to the world's view. I don't like it that we are held in contempt by so many people. I find it frightening that so many people "back home" apparently have no clue how they are viewed by the rest of the planet. America, and Americans are so full of contradictions and facets that it's nearly impossible to describe them or stereotype them.

I had a Swedish friend ask me recently if I was also upset about what is "happening" in America. She didn't need to elaborate on what she meant by "happening." If you want to read about what is really "happening" in America, there are plenty of better places to do it than CNN. Try The Nation or The Economist or any alternative news channel. Every news site has an agenda, and every piece is skewed. I know that. You get what you want out of the news that you select. Nobody wants to hear bad news and some days it seems that's all there is.

I voted for him. I wonder where we'd be today if he'd won? In this, his third major speech on the Administration's response to terrorism, Gore has managed, in his conversational and professorial way, to pull off a withering critique of Bush's bumbling national security state -- and yet to be so totally reasonable about it that he truly does here speak to, and for, the broadest segment of Americans. Read more
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The truly sad thing about the state of American politics is that a LOT of people didn't vote for Gore because, thanks to a skewed media, he was shown as an incredibly boring man personally. I've never understood the penchant for dragging a person's personality into an equation on something like are they fit to govern a nation? Abraham Lincoln was seriously manic-depressive, one of our greatest statesmen. Al Gore may BE an incredibly boring man, who cares? I don't have to go to his house for dinner. But where it counts, in intelligence and ability, he was by far the better candidate. It's a shame THAT didn't play well on TV when the last election was going on.

Frankly, I have a hard time seeing where BORING comes into it. Stiff, maybe. Dry, maybe. But, boring? I find it difficult to believe. I agree with you that the media greatly hindered his image and the election.

And speaking of the media, why didn't they make a bigger noise during the election when the Supreme Court (who, as appointed memebers, should have had absolutely nothing to do with it!) got into the picture, instead of the vote going to the House of Representatives (elected officials) as is stipulated in the Constitution when there are no clear outcomes from the electoral college? That was totally illegal according to the laws of the country! Where were the people saying, "You can't do that!" It's like they just ignore and gloss over every horrible or illegal thing that the Bush admin. is doing. Can there be _that much_ control over all the media? I thought journalists still wanted to win Pulitzers?! Where are the Woodward and Bernsteins of our time?

Honestly, I think it's because Gore is seen as too intelligent that he didn't make the grade. There does seem to be disdain, fear, and loathing for politicians who are seen as intelligent, but being a down-home idiot really wins the votes.

But, but, it _didn't_ win the votes. Not really. He cheated and schemed and broke the law to become president, cuz he sure as heck wasn't officially _elected_.

Okay, he did get a lot of votes...but I wonder if much of it wasn't from people who strictly vote Republican without putting any thought into it.

And Ralph Nader got a pretty big chunk of votes, too, for being a non-typical partisan member. And you can't accuse him of being down-home stupid. It is, however, a pity that his votes couldn't then be tossed over to Gore, since most Nader voters would have preferred Gore to Bush.

But Gore really did get the popular vote, and even with the electoral college confusion, the vote should have gone to the House of Representatives, rather than the Supreme Court getting involved.

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