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It's been a cold, grey, rainy weekend, with not a lot of plans and a lot of dozing, reading, desultory house-cleaning and laundry. Yesterday we decorated the foyer with cobwebs and spiders, glow-in-the-dark ghosties and disembodied hands. We brought in the waiting pumpkins and chopped holes in their heads, scooped out their insides and carved up their faces. They don't look too sad about it, though, do they?

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We've had a very rainy cool weekend too! Good for pumpkin carving but that will have to wait until next weekend:) Look forward to seeing the pics of your two lit up:P
( desultory, love that word, not used enough any more)

Actually, they were both lit in the final shots, but the flash makes it look as if they weren't! I've no idea how to turn the auto-flash off! DOH.

From Megsie

We haven't even purchased our pumpkins yet. We like to go to a farm and pick our own, but it has been raining (or snowing) it seems like constantly since the end of September. I think we will have to go to a store and buy them this year. And soon! Less than a week to go!

Re: From Megsie

We usually go to a farm too, but this year the kids were away at Scout camp the weekend the club went, so I just bought some at the local grocery store. When I first moved to Sweden 13 years ago, pumpkins in the grocery stores were unheard-of! :)

A weak pumpkin. Clink! Slosh! You have vanquished a weak pumpkin. Welcome to experience level 3. Now watch out for the dimension spider hiding in the web.


This year I'll have to experience pumpkin carving vicariously through your post. Kyle is not so thrilled about it this year. :( I thought about grabbing my friend when she has her grandchild over and whisking them off to the pumpkin patch just to carry on the tradition. If not, your pictures will fill that void. Such a sweet family!

~ sherry

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