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If I went back and read through entries from former years written about this same time, I suspect that a theme of split restlessness and lethargy would be revealed. It's hard to understand how I can feel both so itchy to do something that I can't identify and sluggish and slow at the very same time. The weather is reflected my mood today: grim and gray and cantankerous, blowing this way and that.

The AWC Halloween party was a smash success, a record-busting bash. There were 213 people attending, the most we've ever had at any AWC event in our almost 12 year history. I think the most we've had before this was 180 and that was probably a Halloween Party, too. It was almost half and half adults to children ratio, and since we held it at a great playplace in Malmö, it was 3 hours of happy hyperness. Everything went smoothly and my costume was a success, though both Karin and Martin tossed their defining costume accessories off as soon as we got in the door and took off running. We saw them when it was time for dinner and when it was time for trick-or-treating, but otherwise they were just red-cheeked sweaty blurs in the distance.

I found a sun mask at the costume party place in town and wore a bright green shirt, to which I clipped big flowers in pink and white. I was a Sunny Day in the Garden, of course :) Martin borrowed my authentic French beret and wore a striped turtleneck and mustache. Karin wore a silver face mask and that was enough for her. Anders wasn't motivated enough to dress up this year.

And now it's into November and December and the holiday season has officially begun.

Hopefully the restlessness and hunger for whatever it is my brain is craving will be figured out soon and I can get on with the getting on.
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