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There's my motivation! I found it! It was my brain. Always the last place you look, eh?

Things I did at work today:
Watered the plants, confimed procedures with a colleague on the phone, reviewed a flash card, ate breakfast, laid out 5 case studies, uploaded an updated datasheet and sent out a call for translation for localized versions, reviewed 5 presentations, made a new ad look better, sent out 4 ads to publications, ate a super salad for lunch, found a logo for someone, had a discussion about how best to do the next cheat sheet poster, farted around for 20 minutes while our awesome IT guy fixed my computer (2 new memory boards, 1 new graphics card with an extra fan), answered several questions, thanked someone for a job well done, finalized 9 enewsletters, fixed a typo on 31 enewsletters, updated the enews archive page, cancelled a dinner date, read and answered over 100 emails, finalized another ad and sent it for review...among other things. Productive!

We were supposed to go to the wallpaper/paint store after work but Anders got stuck helping someone and we wouldn't have made it before they closed, so we'll go on Wednesday instead. Martin's room renovation is in full swing. Instead I unloaded the dishwasher, made dinner, read 2 chapters, power-walked on the treadmill for 35 minutes and made a couple of phone calls. I have some other projects percolating in my brain right now...we'll see if they get started tonight or not.

Both kids had their H1N1 flu vaccine shots today and are walking around wincing any time they have to lift their arms. Karin has the most awesome sad "feel sorry for me" face ever. Is it wrong that I can't help laughing every time she tries it out on me?

Even though the weather was for shite today, it always seems like a good day when I have motivation, a good mood and a positive attitude. I get knocked down, but I get up again.

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You are an impressive whirlwind!! And does your computer run faster now? Always nice to get upgrades I think!

Sweden has the H1N1 vaccine already? We are hearing here that very few people will be able to get the vaccine locally, so I'm already planning an early December trip to Zurich to visit my sister's pediatrician when the vaccine arrives there. Hopefully we'll beat the buzzer before it hits C's school.


Sweden got it about a month or so ago, and started inoculating by risk and then age. The elderly and the very young were vaccinated about 2 weeks ago, then they ran out. Now they're doing school age kids, and I've heard eventually everyone in the country will get an appointment notice from the healthcare system.

Perhaps not an appointment notice. I've read it will be more like general advertisment, flyer about now it is your chance to get a shot. It is mostly up to you to observe this information. On the other hand I've heard the approach and schedule is different in every county council (landsting). For example I think in Skåne the children got their vaccine several weeks ahead of children in rest of the country, since somebody in charge values (?!) children more down there than further north.

From Megsie

I love days where productivity thrives :) I am in awe of all you got done And I also LOVE that you put in there "read two chapters" because I rarely put that on any "to do" list. It is always something I do AFTER I get my list done, unless I have book club coming up. Then I put my "to do" list under the pile of crap on my counter and pretend I don't have one. I need to include reading on the next list I make.

We are also waiting on the H1N1 shots. It seems like everyone I talk to has had "influenza-like" illnesses in their houses. Who knows if it has been the actual H1N1 or not.

Hope your motivation stays high!

Re: From Megsie

That wasn't even on my to-do list, actually, but it's a rare day when I don't read a couple of chapters in whatever book I'm in the middle of :)

We haven't yet (knock on wood!) had any flu here in the house...sure would be nice if it (in any of its forms) missed us completely, but that's probably wishing for too much.


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