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3 moods I was in today: manic, happy, aggravated

3 feelings I experienced today: bloating, amusement, affection

3 things I'm looking forward to this weekend: sleeping in, seeing Katrina, bookstore visit

3 things I need to accomplish this weekend: laundry, shopping for Father's Day, finishing the bookgroup book

3 things I keep wasting time on: Sword of Fargoal, Facebook, reading blogs

3 things that have made me happy lately: county-wide recycling pick-up program, a minus on the scale, that my friend's husband may get to go home from the hospital this weekend for a few hours

3 people I'm thinking of: Bryce, Melanie, my dad

3 places I wish I were: my mom's house in Michigan, Soliden, somewhere sunny

3 work-related tasks I did a lot of this week: presentation reviews, case study layouts, advertisement layouts & admin

3 people I wish had blogs: my mom, my brother, Becky

3 LJ'ers I'd like to meet in real life that I haven't yet:* gnostreah, jackiejj, kimbis

3 shamefully neglected projects: my family website, my collage book, my letter-writing

3 things I miss: vacation, that early-relationship glow, the eyesight I took for granted in my younger days

3 fruits I never get tired of: golden kiwis, clementines, red seedless grapes

3 things I'm glad don't actually exist in real life: dimension spiders, orcs, sparkly vampires

3 things I wish there would be an end to: health scares among my loved ones, the crappy weather, this list

3 ways to end this list: stop at 2, go to bed, triple-dog-dare YOU to your own list of triplets

*They're not the only ones, though.
mood: silly
music: Steve Winwood—Arc of a Diver


OH MY GOD! You are psychic. I've had What's up chicken-butt in my head all morning. Ok, it's not the exact same thing, but close enough. Weird? Yes I think so. I will now steal your list.

HAR! guess what, chicken butt? I AM psychic! :D

OMG, my daughter used to say that (what's up chicken butt?) all the time.

It's not what's up, it's guess what! What's up doesn't rhyme with chicken butt :)

But my little chicklet said "what's up" just like kimbis did. I guess some of us (you know who I'm talking about *heehee*)are just more rhythmic than others.

Oh and Liz, in the triple dog dare, are my triplets to be the very same triplet headings as yours?

I made it can certainly do the same :)

From Megsie

Since I just got out of bed, I cannot complete my triplet list for today, and I am still clearing the cobwebs out of my brain, so yesterday is a blur. I LOVE the list though. I promise to make one in my writer's notebook later today.

Yay, that your friend's husband may get to visit home. And, Yay for that scale thing. I also miss that early relationship glow... must kiss my husband when he gets home. He took the kids to get doughnuts for breakfast in an attempt to let me sleep in. They were REALLY excited. It was also warming the cockles my heart to see Soliden on your list. I emailed BP a few weeks ago, and she said she MAY be blogging again?? I, of course, have held on to the hope with both hand since she replied.

What book are you reading for book group?

Have a happy Saturday!

Re: From Megsie

The book for book group is A Confederacy of Dunces, but I have to confess I'm not really enjoying it much so far. Not really my cup of tea.

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