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Package Dance results were good for me today as there were 2 waiting in the mailbox when I got home, and they weren't Christmas presents so I could open them right away and they were all BOOKS! goody goody (thanks mom!)

One of the packages was 4 books for the kids, and what a stroke of genius my mom had: she sent a SUPERHEROES coloring book for Karin. As she saw it and picked it up, she crowed, "Oh oh oh oh Batman!!!" LOL Then the kids sang the Batman TV theme song, which mind you, they've never seen, all through dinner, until I wanted to bop them both with a chunk of kryptonite.

It's a Newcomer's Potluck tomorrow, with only 1 newcomer, but that's okay, the company will be nice. I won't be out too late as I'll have the kids with me...they're all excited about getting to go to one of mama's "lady parties" which always makes me feel like I've got this secret jazzy lesbian life on the side. Nope. Just the club. :)
mood: happy
music: Connell's—Say Wow


lady parties!?!

hahaha! :) thought that would intrigue you :)

I so cannot see you as a secret lesbian on the side, jazzy or not. :) That makes me laugh just thinking about it.

Glad to hear that the package dance worked for you, too!!!

and you thought you knew me :) muahahahaha!!

Whatever you say, Gertrude. :)

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