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Gah. I feel subject-less, blocked, empty of title and content and meaning. I can't make up another meme, can I? Well, I suppose I could, but credibility, wherefore art thou?

What I really want: another day to sleep in, a 3-day weekend, maybe some vacation. A dark den for hibernation. Everyone at work is talking about what days they will be taking off during the holidays but I just grimace: none. My colleague is going on his honeymoon over Christmas and New Year's and I am working. If my mom decides to come, and if she does, if my brother also decides to come, I will have to try and figure out a way to either work from home or finagle a few days off.

Something I don't appreciate: being asked, whether consciously or not, to defend the entire American system and way of thinking. I don't think that I am a typical American, although I guess I am, when I'm the only one some people ever really meet or get to know. I don't like talking politics or ideologies with ANYONE, much less feeling like I represent any sort of stance because of my citizenship. I know that every expat faces that situation at some point during their overseas tour but it still gets my goat, every time.

Lots of people spend their online time and build their online presence by getting very passionate about causes and injustices and beliefs. Not me. My causes and injustices and beliefs are my own business. I may choose, once in awhile, to air something here, but most of the time I keep such things to myself. I don't expect my friends and readers to do the same, but I do expect them to respect the fact that I don't wear my heart on my blog, such at it were. What I think about the news headlines and hot button topics and topical issues is what I think about them. I don't feel any need, most of the time, to comment on them or engage in debate.

I thought flannel sheets would be cozy but too warm, but I find that I like them more and more the longer I use them. It's not really all that cold yet in the house; temperatures are supposed to be dropping this week, but so far I have found them not only cozy but quite comfortable and suspect that as it grows colder I will appreciate them all the more.

The urge to Christmas shop is upon me, but I have yet to receive ideas from my first family. I have lists (very long, expensive lists) from both my children, and the usual one-item list (very short, expensive list) from my husband. I am feeling the urge, for some reason, to get all my shopping over and done with so I can relax and spend my energy on not making and eating a million Christmas cookies this year.

The leaves are mostly off the trees now. Yesterday, while in town, the kids and I parked the car at Davidshallstorget and walked over to the Science Fiction Bookstore through the most beautiful carpet of small yellow maple leaves polka-dotted over darker, wetter shadow versions of themselves. All this and cobblestones, too. Now we can see though hedges and trees are assuming that stark outlined silhouette state that will be with us until the ice and snow hits, when they transform yet again into fairy-sparkle padded pillow versions of their summer selves.

I finished the book group book this morning, by giving up at 300+ pages and skimming the rest of it. I couldn't take any more. How A Confederacy of Dunces ever won the Pulitzer Prize is beyond me. Or any prize for that matter. It's unfathomable that it shares a prize with books like To Kill a Mockingbird and The Grapes of Wrath. Actually, when I look at the list of past Fiction winners for Pulitzer Prizes, it seems extremely uneven, so maybe it's just me. Did anyone like this book? I mean that is reading this and could answer me? Thankfully, the book I started this evening is already, after only a couple of chapters, scrubbing Dunce's excrescence from my mind, so no harm done.

For someone who had no idea what to write about when she started, this sure got long quick. Off to read in bed. Alas for not being able to sleep in tomorrow, though!
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From Megsie

I would love a nap right about now. It is 3:30 pm here. So, your wish about a day to sleep in sounds just as nice....and vacation....yes. I am right there with you.
I also like to keep my politics to myself. My own feelings differ a great deal from my family, and my family LOVES to talk politics. I like to stay quiet. I think it is good to hear all the talk. Even though I think they may be crazy, it gives me another perspective. Just don't ask ME what I think.
Thanks for the reminder about flannel sheets. I think I may get some for my daughter who has the COLDEST room in our house. She will love them I am sure. They are so soft and cozy.

Have a good Monday.

Re: From Megsie

You should definitely get flannel sheets for your daughter! I'm thinking I should get them for my kids, too :)


I read Confederacy and felt the same way. Add cheated, slightly disgusted, and really wondering why so many of the guys I knew (and admired) loved the book. Maybe it is a southern guy thing?


Maybe, but that sure doesn't say much for southern guys. Glad to know I'm not alone in my loathing.

And here I was hoping you could find something positive to share about A Confederacy of Dunces. Knowing you didn't like it either makes me feel better about not seeing the point in it. :)

I think of two responses to the questions on politics: A: Say "I'm sorry, I just don't like discussing politics" or B: "I'm sorry, I'm really not much of a sociologist and I spent a lot of my time growing up in Europe anyway"

If people still push, you can absolutely say something less polite with a clear conscience, but do say something because some people (like me) are just open about discussing these things while also being a little dense, meaning that if someone withdraws from a conversation I might just as well assume that they have a problem with me or my opinion, rather than discussing their own. But it wouldn't occur to me to bully someone into voicing an opinion or explaining that of their native country. I mean, that's just wude :P

Nothing positive at all about Dunces, I'm afraid. :P

And I appreciate your comment about considering that someone withdrawing from a conversation might have a problem with you or your opinion...I wouldn't have thought of that perspective, since it's so often me on the withdrawn side in such discussions.

Of course flannel sheets are cozy! I use them from about mid-October to May. I'm glad you found that you like them too.

I keep pretending to work on my "If I ran the world" post, but it continually drops back on the list. I think yours would be fun to read, if you are ever again at a loss for words...

I can't seem to get that one off the ground :)

I remember loving ACOD when I read it. I thought the writing was original and fresh. The context was tragic which made the whole book more worthy.

Perhaps if I were to go back and read it today, I'd see it differently, but I prefer to think not.

Another proof that you can appreciate (or not) books depending on where you are in your life when you open them up.

I actually didn't mind his writing style, it was more the endless and awful subject matter that I had an issue with. You're right, though...where you are in your life makes a HUGE difference in what you think of a book!

Also, I didn't think the book was tragic at all. Only the fact that the author killed himself and his mother schlepped the book around until she found someone willing to publish it had any overtones of tragedy...but the subject matter wasn't tragic, in and of itself. It was just relentlessly vulgar. Social commentary, or parody, or whatever, it definitely didn't pull me in.

Edited at 2009-11-09 11:32 am (UTC)


I know what you mean. This long dark winter and no "red day" at all all autumn. Sucks. At least at this job we get half a day off before Alla helgonadagen. But that's the first time in my working history I have a job with "half days", so usually there is no time off at all during autumn, when you would need the time off the most.

But spring is instead always filled with red days.


We had the half day too, but it wasn't enough!

You'll be working over the holidays without a break? That sounds... uh, slightly less fun than a root canal. I hope there will be plenty of "fairy-sparkle padded pillow" (love this) magic to your Christmas regardless!

I've had a root canal. I'll choose the no vacation over that any day.

ACK! I know I sound like a broken record, but so wish your blog had a feed that was up-to-date. I know, I know...your comments on mine should be a reminder to come HERE...but I guess because I see you at FB (and because menopause has made me forgetful), I forget. Maybe I'm in the minority (other than the Pulitzer judges), but I *loved* Dunces. Have you been to NOLA? I only ask because maybe reading it is a different experience for someone who's been there...don't know.

I've given you the feed before, I'm sure of it! All LJs have a feed. I'll go find it and send it to you on FB. :)

And I haven't been to NOLA, but I've ready plenty of other books set there and I honestly don't think that was it, at all. And you're not the only one of my friends who said they loved that book. No accounting for taste, eh? haaha! :D

3 feeds came up in's that they were all old (when i looked again yesterday)...the most current one (i.e., last updated) was October 2nd. send me the link from your end...maybe for some reason Bloglines isn't picking up the right one on its own.

i give up...will just keep checking manually. :) i tried the atom one first (the one i usually use for feeds)...Bloglines said "You are already subscribed" (except it's not showing up in my feeds). so i subscribed to the RSS excited thinking, yes!'s finally gonna work! but the newest feed it pulled is 3/2/09. sorry, i don't know why it doesn't work for me. :(

Bummer, man. I guess you'll just have to remember manually :)

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