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Quite often during the day I come across things that I see or hear or like that I want to remember to share, but by the time I get a chance to actually sit down at the computer and write, usually quite late in the evening, all those things have long since dropped off my brain radar, lying lost and forgotten on the side of my mental meanderings like single shoes that people pass later on the highway and wonder about. There's no meaning in them, those single shoes. They're just there: road markers.

A million different thoughts zing around inside my head every day, in fact it's incredible how many thoughts must pass through any given brain on any given day. Gazillions! Our brains work so damn hard and yet we blame them for everything we forget: it slipped my mind, we say or, it's on the tip of my it if weren't secreted away in some pocket of the hippocampus; merely misfiled. It's there, it's just not always retrievable. If only we had some sort of mental google machine (moogle? broogle? or maybe just this: hahahaha!). A brainiac dewey decimal system.

Anyway, it's the weekend and it's quiet out here now. It's always quieter on the weekends when folks are busy with their families or all the million things they don't have time for during the usual round of work/school/sleep, or just taking the necessary downtime needed to recharge before Monday morning rolls around again.

With all the craziness that is the end of the year for me, a couple of days of quietness sound lovely. I have NO days left this month that don't have something scheduled in them. And then it's December.

Batshit insane schedule
Saturday: man the kiosk for Karin's soccer team, do AWC website updates
Sunday: soccer games
Monday: visit to junior high school with Martin
Tuesday: H1N1 vaccination
Wednesday: Grocery shopping: buy turkeys
Thursday: Dentist appointment & wreath-making class
Friday: Cleaning, cooking, party preparations
Saturday: host Annual Ek Family Thanksgiving Potluck Party!
Sunday: Party aftermath cleanup, get down Christmas decorations, bake cookies
Monday: AWC Monthly Meeting and cookie exchange
Tuesday: Massage appointment (whew!)

That brings us to December 2nd. Normally by mid-November I've already done the majority of my Christmas shopping, bought cards, started the annual Christmas letter. And there are 4 family birthdays to deal with in December as well. This year? God knows when I'll even get started. I just looked at the December calendar and out of 31 days, only 12 are free before Christmas. And considering the list of things that needs to get crammed into those 12 days, I might just need to a) clone myself b) get busy already c) hire a personal assistant or d) have a mental breakdown. Hmmm. Which would you pick?
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music: Otis Redding—(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay

From Megsie

This post had me laughing out loud! Broogle....I NEED that! That would solve so many problems! I haven't listed out all that is on my schedule, or all that needs to be accomplished before the big December 25th deadline, but it is safe to say that it is a VERY LONG LIST. I am hosting Thanksgiving and must be in denial because I haven't even begun to plan the menu yet. I think I will follow your lead and schedule a MASSAGE. That will be one appointment that I will be relieved to make. And, I believe that I would pick c) hire a personal assistant, if I were you. But, only if this assistant had the ability to follow orders and had the same perfectionist personality that I seem to have. Then SO MANY things could get done...I love fantasies.

Re: From Megsie

Wouldn't a mental google machine be AWESOME? Although, really, when it comes right down to it, our brains ARE a mental google machine! They just don't always have enough...memory. HAR!

Certainly it's between hire a personal assistant or have a mental breakdown, but I'm sort of I could be wrong.

Oh, and carry a very small notepad and writing utensil (I have them all over the house) to contain all that broogle-able info... oh man I AM sleepy silly. Good night.

Good night, sleep tight! :)

oops, "hiring"... I was sleepy!


I need a broogle too!!! As to your manic schedule..... you love it and you know it. >:) I also am WAY behind for the holiday season but you do have one of those four family b-days done! I received it last week. Anyhooo......have three days till we leave for Mom's and this weekend is packed. Just wishing I could add buy plane tickets to Sweden to my list. :9


SOME days I love it. Some days it's just exhausting to contemplate the madness. :)

i don't know HOW you keep up with everything! :) it's true about weekends being quieter...which was always the opposite for me when i was working full time M-F at a workplace that blocked all socnets...weekends were often the only time i could try to catch up. i used to envy those who could read blogs whenever they felt like i get to be one of those people. ;)

Personal assistant, definitely.

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